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IncestAge Gap

Indecent Proposal

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

“Stop here!” Sonalima asked the cab driver. “Here?” The cab driver asked back, a bit amazed “Yes, that's what I said. Please stop the cab.” Sonalima said.

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Roleplay Prompt


#nsfw, #rpPrompt, #smut

For the past couple of months, I declined her multiple dinner invitations. She even suggested the idea of going out for dinner in case I didn't enjoy her food anymore. Actually, I wanted to go out with her or have a homemade dinner at her place too. But ever since lockdown, things have had changed.

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Roleplay Prompt

Was I Wrong?

#nsfw, #rpPrompt, #smut

“How do I look?” she asked me while admiring her beauty in front of the mirror. “Like the most extravagant wh*re, I've ever known… ” I cajoled.

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Cheating Wife


#nsfw, #cheatingWife

When she was merely 14-years-old, she met a boy. He was nine years older than her at that time. They fell in love, or at least that what she thought. She was excellent in her academic performance. One could say that she is a smart person. But just like the education system, her intelligence was hollow. She misjudged the boy and fell for his trap.

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IncestAge Gap

The First Clue

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

I can still remember the day I had seen her adorn herself extensively. She was putting all sorts of ornaments, lipstick, mascara, and makeup. Her bedroom door was slightly open. My father being a government school teacher, was out of station for his training. It was rather uncanny why she was putting on her glad rags for no apparent reasons.

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#nsfw, #interfaith

I was shaking my right leg out of anxiety. Sitting on a small-sized bed, only meant to bear the weight of a single average human being. It was a small hotel room I had booked for one night. There's only one bedroom with attached facilities.


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