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Kabir Singh

29 Male India

Roleplaying Since

Basic Information

Languages: English & Hindi

Timezone: IST (GMT+5:30)

Availability: 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM IST, Open for offline plays

Orientation: Straight

Dom/Sub/Switch Role: Switch


Age (Male Lead): 18-58

Age (Female Lead): 18-52

Reply Length: Semi-Para, Para, Multi-Para

Reply Perspective: First Person, Third Person, Game Master

Themes: Incest, Age Gap, Interfaith, Cheating Wife

Kinks: Asshole Foreplay, Water Sports, Sweat Play, Curved Cock, Meticulous Details

Maybe: Bestiality, Non Consensual

Multiple Characters: Maybe, depending on the partner


Themes: Cuckolding, Typical Romance

Limits: Blood & Gore, Extremism, God-Modding

Elaborate Introduction

An erotica flash fiction writer who happens to be a meticulous role player.

I enjoy elementary storylines & relatable characters, with the kinky turn of events to spice up the play. The way someone wields the details with the response is one of my greatest turn-ons. I don't stretch the insipid sequence when there's no erotic strain between the characters in the air, nor stretching the standard penetration facet.

I'm copacetic with long-term, short-term, offline, or interactive play, and neither I have anything against smut. Incest, interfaith, cheating wife & age gap are some of my go-to roleplay compositions. But recently, I've been dabbling with even romance. Not the typical kind though.

Looking for mature females whose interests align with mine. Even if you're immature, please don't be discouraged; we can give ourselves a shot with no strings attached.

My hard limits are typical romance, cuckold, god-modding & extreme of anything except for filth.

Want to know more about me? Check out my Kink List.


I prefer to play on Facebook or Discord.

If you want to post your classified on this website, reach out to author Kabir on any social media.