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Veiled Affections

#nsfw, #lesbian, #celebrity

As they dive into their roles, Maya's dominant nature begins to emerge, both on and off-screen. She takes charge of their scenes with an intensity that leaves Diya breathless, their chemistry igniting a fiery passion that neither can resist. Behind closed doors, Maya's bold advances leave Diya craving more, their secret trysts a thrilling escape from the constraints of their public personas.

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The Unwary Lust


Mohini guided her right hand down on his crotch and cupped his member over his pant. She found it was semi hard “awww someone is excited.. don’t you think its wrong to be aroused for another woman on your reception.” Mohini spoke in a lusty tone while she kept squeezing his semi hard member very tightly, she could feel it growing and getting hard inside her grip. She didn’t look away from his eyes all the time.

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Cheating WifeFiction

Portentous Obscuration

#nsfw, #fatherInLaw, #breeding

’Today, however, Soniya decided - to give him a subtle signal, a silent acknowledgment of his attention. With deliberate intent, she knocks a steel glass on the kitchen counter, the sharp sound echoing in the room as it bounces off the surface. "Offo," she exclaims, feigning annoyance as she turns sideways, deliberately showing her hindquarters to her father-in-law. With calculated poise, she bends over to pick up the fallen glass, knowing full well the effect her actions will have on him. She can feel his gaze lingering on her form as she retrieves the glass from the floor.’

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Cheating WifeFiction

Purgatorial Penumbra

#nsfw, #trapped, #multipleCharacters

’Uncomfortable and unnerved, Garima hurried out, feeling the weight of Inspector Patil's inappropriate stare lingering on her arse. As she made her way towards the exit, she couldn't shake off the unsettling feeling of being objectified. Meanwhile, Siddhant maintained a steely expression - eyes narrowed at the Inspector. Yet, Inspector Patil shamelessly made a derogatory comment as Garima left the room. "How did such an alluring woman like her end up with a husband like that?" Inspector Patil muttered under his breath, a smirk playing on his lips. Given the context of Mukesh's frequent visits to the lockup and Ramesh's consistent bailouts, Inspector Patil was familiar with Ramesh, at least by face.’

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Arabian Night

#nsfw, #actress, #billionaire

’"Oh my god. Are you serious? That's incredible!" Meenakshi exclaims, her voice filled with a mixture of gratitude and exhilaration. Her manager provided details about the audition process and the potential magnitude of this opportunity, then disconnected the call after wishing her Happy Birthday another time. Meenakshi, unable to contain her happiness, dances around the room in sheer joy. The news marks a milestone in her career, a testament to her talent and dedication, or at least that's what she thought.’

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The Whispering Shadows Part 1

#nsfw, #superNatural

Suman was concerned. He couldn't understand why he was having these dreams and the nightfall along with it. He knew dreams are always weird and illogical but having the same dream almost every night is not normal. They consumed his thoughts during the day, and he couldn't discuss them with Chitra for fear of embarrassment. Desperate for answers, Suman decided to confide in his wife. One evening, as they sat on the porch of their new home, he finally broached the subject. "Chitra, there's something I need to tell you," he began hesitantly, his voice quivering.

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The Delicate Daughter


‘"Riya!"....Rohini snapped at her daughter...."I don't ever want to hear you addressing him as your dad again." Saying this Rohini walked away agitatedly. After a while Riya could hear her mother talking over the phone to the police. She felt a bit disheartened. She had grown up through her childhood without knowing her father, and now that she got to know who her father was her mother will not let her meet him. Riya did not talk to her mother the entire evening. She even had her dinner quietly and then retreated to her bedroom. She felt like crying. Her mother had hidden the identity of her father all her life, and she would not have got to know who his father was if the man had not met her and introduced himself yesterday.’

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Fated to be Evil

#fantasy, #dark, #romance

He grabbed her right side waist and turn her with a single move, wrap his hand around her waist, grab her hairs tight, pull her head back, lean towards her face, started rolling fingers of other hand in her face to adjust her hairs back on her right side shoulder, then bite her lower lip..

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Plan Gone Wrong


Are you spying on me? And how dare you check my cell phone Nidhi? Would you like it if I check your phone without your permission? You tell me I am sick, but who was the one who got me into this thing? I was better off reading erotic stories before marriage, but you told me these videos are much better, didn't you? So go on and tell my parents and I tellyours too as to what their daughter was into".

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Gunaah - The Crime

#nsfw, #politics

Tabhi uski mulaqaat Darein se huwi. Usne Darein ko plan samjhaaya aur kaha ki 6 mahino mein woh apne liye nayi bike khareed sakta hain. Is tarah Darein ka istemaal karke Ramu ne kai choriyon ko anjaam diya. Phir store room ke alaawa woh railways ke courier department se bhi keemti samaan churaane laga. Darein aur Ramu ki toh jaise kismat chamak uthi. Lekin railway department ko ab yakeen ho chala tha ki store room aur courier department se samaan ki chori ho rahi hain.

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The Captivity

#nsfw, #fiction, #bdsm

The Ramchandra Series. Approved reading by the captive. On the warm afternoons she liked to lay n*ked on her bed, covered only in a thin sheet, reading novels. It was, as was promised to her, a life of captivity. She was confined in the giant hall, no clothes or footwear. No money. No keys. Her nudity was her leash.

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The Queen's Predicament

#nsfw, #royal

Rudrani was tapping anxiously on the metal handle of the throne with the manicured nails of her left hand..she was waiting for the high priests of the kingdom as she was now faced with the biggest crisis of her reign..and she could not take a decision without consulting the holy men, whom she was counting upon to show some way out of this conundrum.

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Seven Lives

#fantasy, #timeTravel

It's permanent loss kiddo, irreversible type, you can't bring him back again, so better move forward and don't go for shadows Again and again her father was trying to console her and pursue her to let it go about her stubbornness to get back the love of her life , her late husband, but she was adamant to get him back.

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Political Gamble

#nsfw, #politics

A party meeting was called to select the next on command until the next election dates were announced. Ashutosh tried his level best, but Dashrath's supporters outnumbered him. They wanted Vimladevi, Dashrath's widow to be the next in command. So Vimladevi was to be sworn in for the remaining 6 months. She had no clue about politics and had won her seat because of her husband's name.

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The Unexpected Affair

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

A heartbroken Abhi decides to be a loner again, but Divya wants him to be the kind of guy he was prior to falling for Ruchika. This time she invites him home when Arun is around. She hopes Arun will help her in getting Abhi out of this mess, but Arun just has casual talks with him. When Abhi leaves, Arun looses his temper as he is not happy that his wife is still trying to help this guy in spite of him telling her not to get into all this stuff.