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The Encounter's feature image

The Encounter

#nsfw, #mature, #billionaire, #dark

As the interview drew to a close, Rajesh extended an invitation to Anjali to learn more about him. It was a risky move, but one that he felt compelled to make. Anjali, sensing an opportunity, accepted, knowing that delving deeper into Rajesh's world would be a journey fraught with peril. As she left his penthouse, Anjali couldn't help but wonder what lay ahead. Rajesh Varma was a man of mystery and power, and she knew that getting closer to him would require more than just journalistic skills—it would require a willingness to confront her own past and embrace the unknown future that lay ahead.

Veiled Affections's feature image

Veiled Affections

#nsfw, #lesbian, #celebrity

As they dive into their roles, Maya's dominant nature begins to emerge, both on and off-screen. She takes charge of their scenes with an intensity that leaves Diya breathless, their chemistry igniting a fiery passion that neither can resist. Behind closed doors, Maya's bold advances leave Diya craving more, their secret trysts a thrilling escape from the constraints of their public personas.

The Colorful Celebration's feature image

The Colorful Celebration

#nsfw, #festivities, #festival

She thinks for a second and the way her body reacted to his touches made it irresistible for her to not try this and she tells him to check it properly and starts to tease his bulge and pulls chair closer to reveal his long, hard, veiny cock. He enjoyed the way she was holding his cock and the expressions on her face was like she got a jackpot. She starts to lick it while the boss enters the cabin. Hardik sees him as gate was opposite to the desk with some distance and greets him and lies about Zainab being in washroom and during the conversation, Zainab teases and licks and strokes his cock from below the table.

The Unwary Lust's feature image

The Unwary Lust


Mohini guided her right hand down on his crotch and cupped his member over his pant. She found it was semi hard “awww someone is excited.. don’t you think its wrong to be aroused for another woman on your reception.” Mohini spoke in a lusty tone while she kept squeezing his semi hard member very tightly, she could feel it growing and getting hard inside her grip. She didn’t look away from his eyes all the time.

The Ultimate Secret's feature image
IncestAge Gap

The Ultimate Secret

#nsfw, #momSon, #pregnancy

‘Rahul kept the phone down and watched blankly at the ceiling. There has not been a single day over the past 3 months when he has been able to not think of that fateful night, but still he was not ready for the shock he got today. Three month prior to this day, his high school exams had just ended and he was watching TV at home. It was past 11 PM at night. His father was out of town for a conference and was supposed to return the next day while his mother was out attending the anniversary party of a friend of hers."’

Portentous Obscuration's feature image
Cheating WifeFiction

Portentous Obscuration

#nsfw, #fatherInLaw, #breeding

’Today, however, Soniya decided - to give him a subtle signal, a silent acknowledgment of his attention. With deliberate intent, she knocks a steel glass on the kitchen counter, the sharp sound echoing in the room as it bounces off the surface. "Offo," she exclaims, feigning annoyance as she turns sideways, deliberately showing her hindquarters to her father-in-law. With calculated poise, she bends over to pick up the fallen glass, knowing full well the effect her actions will have on him. She can feel his gaze lingering on her form as she retrieves the glass from the floor.’

Purgatorial Penumbra's feature image
Cheating WifeFiction

Purgatorial Penumbra

#nsfw, #trapped, #multipleCharacters

’Uncomfortable and unnerved, Garima hurried out, feeling the weight of Inspector Patil's inappropriate stare lingering on her arse. As she made her way towards the exit, she couldn't shake off the unsettling feeling of being objectified. Meanwhile, Siddhant maintained a steely expression - eyes narrowed at the Inspector. Yet, Inspector Patil shamelessly made a derogatory comment as Garima left the room. "How did such an alluring woman like her end up with a husband like that?" Inspector Patil muttered under his breath, a smirk playing on his lips. Given the context of Mukesh's frequent visits to the lockup and Ramesh's consistent bailouts, Inspector Patil was familiar with Ramesh, at least by face.’

Arabian Night's feature image

Arabian Night

#nsfw, #actress, #billionaire

’"Oh my god. Are you serious? That's incredible!" Meenakshi exclaims, her voice filled with a mixture of gratitude and exhilaration. Her manager provided details about the audition process and the potential magnitude of this opportunity, then disconnected the call after wishing her Happy Birthday another time. Meenakshi, unable to contain her happiness, dances around the room in sheer joy. The news marks a milestone in her career, a testament to her talent and dedication, or at least that's what she thought.’

Verboten Satiation's feature image
InterfaithAge Gap

Verboten Satiation

#nsfw, #college, #breeding

This stern response fueled Sneha's curiosity even more. The denial and secrecy surrounding the mysterious man from their past only intensified her desire to unravel the truth behind the family's turmoil. She was more determined to discover what exactly transpired during those years. Her mind swirled with confusion and curiosity, a strange mix of emotions that lingered after her unsettling conversation with her mother. Unable to shake off the perplexity surrounding Maajid Ali Farooq and the secrets veiled in her family's past, she found herself compelled by an inexplicable force.

The Old Spark And New Fire's feature image

The Old Spark And New Fire


She comes to meet the extended family members with one of her friends with a clear plan on mind to meet Pratik later as this is usually where in stayed even he was in the city at night. She meets her family members and tells her friend to just make sure if Pratik was in his flat. She tells her that he is there. At the time they get into the lift, her friend gets off and leaves but she stays and then gets to the floor on which Pratik stayed and makes some excuse and tells her to just tell that she has gone to office to get some urgent work done if her family calls.

Venereous Prophecy's feature image
Age GapInterfaith

Venereous Prophecy

#nsfw, #village, #mystery, #suspense

When the Pandit glimpsed Sanskriti's future, what he saw sent a shiver down his spine. His face, etched with dread, revealed his concerns. In his old-school wisdom, rooted in traditions from another era, he had not comprehended the modern preferences and desires of young women like Sanskriti. The revelation of her future and the prospect of finding the man of her dreams had left him perturbed. He had peered into a world that challenged his conventional beliefs, one where the boundaries of tradition and modernity blurred. It was a world where young women like Sanskriti could find love in ways he had never anticipated.

Suleiman Ansari's feature image
Character Sketch

Suleiman Ansari

#muslim, #village, #butcher

But beyond his troubled family life and his contentious profession, there existed a darker, well-guarded secret in the depths of Suleiman's being. His commanding presence, combined with his raw strength, attracted the attention of Hindu women from the village, most of them already married. They would discreetly visit his butcher shop under the pretense of buying chicken and eggs, all the while harboring amorous intentions. Over the years, these illicit encounters resulted in the birth of thirteen illegitimate children with nine different women. Curiously, Suleiman never sought the company of younger women, nor those with petite frames like Mahrukh's. Instead, he gravitated towards women in their early to mid-thirties, blessed with a chubby physique. His aversion to pursuing relationships with women like Mahrukh, petite and fragile, was driven by the memories of his wife's suffering and the haunting specter of her ultimate demise.

Enigmatic Intruder's feature image

Enigmatic Intruder

#nsfw, #housewife, #transformation

Kumodini, curiosity piqued and heart pounding, tip-toed closer to the open window. Her footsteps were almost inaudible against the plush carpeted floor. The silhouettes in the room came into view, flickering shadows against the dim light. She gasped, her eyes widening with astonishment and perhaps a hint of disbelief. There were two silhouettes in the room, their movements wrapped in secrecy. One was undoubtedly Savitri, her presence confirmed by the familiar contours of her figure. The other remained an enigma, concealed by the shadows and sporting a distinctive white skullcap. The dimness - played tricks with Kumodini's perception, preventing her from discerning more details about the mysterious man. He loomed like a giant, an imposing presence that fascinated and unsettled her.

Gauri Mahajan Godbole's feature image
Character Sketch

Gauri Mahajan Godbole

#characterSketch, #politics, #underworld

But as the 21st century dawned, Gauri Godbole's name gradually faded from the entertainment world's spotlight. Her sudden disappearance from the limelight was attributed, in part, to her connection with a Chief Minister of the state - Manohar Lal Godbole. The marriage of Gauri, a radiant actress, to the much older Manohar Lal - sent shockwaves through the media and the public. The news of Gauri Mahajan becoming Gauri Godbole made headlines, and people began to scrutinize the Chief Minister's actions, questioning his decision to marry someone so much younger than himself. The media frenzy and public scrutiny created a storm of controversy. Many critics and detractors antagonized the Chief Minister, accusing him of pursuing a relationship that defied societal norms and expectations. Despite the backlash, everything seemed fine for the two - at least on the surface. Their marriage held several unknown variables that only a few people knew of.

Mohsin Ali Haider's feature image
Character Sketch

Mohsin Ali Haider

#characterSketch, #mature, #cricketer

Mohsin's second marriage had taken him even farther from his roots. He had wed a foreigner from London, a woman from a world so different from his own that the chasm between them had grown insurmountable. Their love had faded like a distant memory, leaving Mohsin scarred by yet another failed marriage. But it wasn't just his marital misfortunes that had kept him in the spotlight. Mohsin had been a notorious ladies' man during his cricketing career. His charisma and dashing looks had attracted a legion of adoring fans, particularly women, and he hadn't been one to resist the attention. His affairs with several women, often more than one at a time, had kept the tabloids and media in a frenzy. He was all over the news media, more for his romantic escapades than his cricketing feats.


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