Historical Roleplay Plots

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Battle Sacrifice

#nsfw, #medieval

’"Maharaj, with the deepest regret, I have to inform you that our Senapati (Commander-in-Chief) Shakya has fallen". The messenger read out the subject of his message.’

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The Royal Plot

#nsfw, #medieval, #royal

Maharaj Suryabhan was sitting in his royal courtroom, with his head perched backwards on the rich velvet of the royal throne. There were drops of sweat on his forehead....the person in charge of the hand fan had been asked to leave as the king wanted some privacy....the matter concerning him was an important one.....as it related to the continuation of his bloodline....something which required to be discussed secretly.

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Make Love

#nsfw, #historicalRP

“Make love..” The words coming out from the prisoner's mouth left the audience startled. What..? That'd be such a bizzare last wish from the dying victim. The king shifted a bit in his throne. “I'm sorry..?”