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The Encounter

#nsfw, #mature, #billionaire, #dark

As the interview drew to a close, Rajesh extended an invitation to Anjali to learn more about him. It was a risky move, but one that he felt compelled to make. Anjali, sensing an opportunity, accepted, knowing that delving deeper into Rajesh's world would be a journey fraught with peril. As she left his penthouse, Anjali couldn't help but wonder what lay ahead. Rajesh Varma was a man of mystery and power, and she knew that getting closer to him would require more than just journalistic skills—it would require a willingness to confront her own past and embrace the unknown future that lay ahead.

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The Captivity

#nsfw, #fiction, #bdsm

The Ramchandra Series. Approved reading by the captive. On the warm afternoons she liked to lay n*ked on her bed, covered only in a thin sheet, reading novels. It was, as was promised to her, a life of captivity. She was confined in the giant hall, no clothes or footwear. No money. No keys. Her nudity was her leash.

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Bound In Desires

#nsfw, #bdsm, #mindGames

’When I regained consciousness, I found myself deep into darkness. Deep-cave dark. Associated with a soft rumbling noise. The air was damp, dry. But clean. 'Where am I?' I wondered. I was lying on my side, curled up; knees pressed against my busts. Faintly, I tried moving my fingers and toes, relieved to find I could move them freely with no pain. With the exception of light drowsiness, everything seemed more or less normal. Almost normal.’

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DomSubAge Gap

Wrong Turn

#nsfw, #domSub, #ageGap

“Hello, me Hetal Joshi boltey” (I am Hetal Joshi speaking) (Hetal called up the Arthur road jail authorities again today in the hope of a miracle, but even before she could continue, the person at the other end replied), “Aho madam tumhaala kiti vela saangayacha ki saaheb busy aahet mhanun?” (Ma’am how many times should I tell you that sir is busy?)