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Cheating WifeFiction

Portentous Obscuration

#nsfw, #fatherInLaw, #breeding

’Today, however, Soniya decided - to give him a subtle signal, a silent acknowledgment of his attention. With deliberate intent, she knocks a steel glass on the kitchen counter, the sharp sound echoing in the room as it bounces off the surface. "Offo," she exclaims, feigning annoyance as she turns sideways, deliberately showing her hindquarters to her father-in-law. With calculated poise, she bends over to pick up the fallen glass, knowing full well the effect her actions will have on him. She can feel his gaze lingering on her form as she retrieves the glass from the floor.’

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Cheating WifeFiction

Purgatorial Penumbra

#nsfw, #trapped, #multipleCharacters

’Uncomfortable and unnerved, Garima hurried out, feeling the weight of Inspector Patil's inappropriate stare lingering on her arse. As she made her way towards the exit, she couldn't shake off the unsettling feeling of being objectified. Meanwhile, Siddhant maintained a steely expression - eyes narrowed at the Inspector. Yet, Inspector Patil shamelessly made a derogatory comment as Garima left the room. "How did such an alluring woman like her end up with a husband like that?" Inspector Patil muttered under his breath, a smirk playing on his lips. Given the context of Mukesh's frequent visits to the lockup and Ramesh's consistent bailouts, Inspector Patil was familiar with Ramesh, at least by face.’

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Cheating Wife


#nsfw, #doctor, #patient

Reena was a usual housewife, but at times, she would get sudden bouts of anger. She just couldn't control it and one thing that came to light was, she hated men when she suffered a sudden bout of anger. As if she had been through a violent past that was haunting her. She has been to a dozen psychologists, but no one was able to find the real reason behind it. Aniket had just been transferred to Nasik and his friends told him about a certain Dr. Patil. That's why Reena was here. It took Aniket a lot of coaxing to give it another try. The thing was Aniket had been worried off late as he noticed, Reena was so violent during her last bout that she ran behind him with a kitchen knife. When she came back to her senses, she didn't remember anything.

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InterfaithCheating Wife


#nsfw, #affair, #pregnancy

Sameeksha was a twenty-nine-year-old woman, recently married to a man named Sagar. Sagar was three years older than her and was a government contractor. She lived with her in-laws and husband in the same city where she grew up, but her childhood home was about 40 kilometers from her in-law's place.

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The Advent

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #marriedWife

Prashasti was a thirty-two-year-old woman; who got married at the age of thirty. She has been preparing for multiple government entrance exams since she had to quit her job as a tuition teacher. She had no students to teach as she now lives with her husband in another city. Her in-laws used to stay in the village, but that wasn't a relief for Prashasti. Her mother-in-law would call and talk with her every day, asking the same question, when was she going to stop preparing for the exams?

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#nsfw, #adultery, #longTerm

Mohan and Moni Thapar were a middle-aged couple. They both lead hectic day-to-day upper-middle-class lives away from each other, which took away from their ability to spend time together. They decided to move from the town following their son's arrival into their lives. They were genuinely in love even after 11 years of marriage. Mohan was a Bank manager and got recently promoted to this post. Moni was concerned with the domestic end of their relationship, and she got complacent to the point of boredom. Moni often occasionally commutes into town when her son is at school.

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Pie In The Sky

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #interfaith

For the past couple of months, I declined her multiple dinner invitations. She even suggested the idea of going out for dinner in case I didn't enjoy her food anymore. Actually, I wanted to go out with her or have a homemade dinner at her place too. But ever since lockdown, things have had changed.

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Deewali Serendipity

#nsfw, #rpPropmt

Minakshi was dressed in a red saree and was looking spectacularly beautiful on Diwali night. She did most of the decoration on her own for the house with the help of her maid indeed. The maid was on leave as she had to celebrate Diwali with her own family as well.

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Cheating Wife

The Damaged Psyche

#nsfw, #psychologicalThriller, #serialKiller

“So let's start from the beginning, Kabir. Shall we?” The woman in her late thirties asked the young man handcuffed to his chair.

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Cheating Wife

The Remembrance Scuffle

#nsfw, #cheatingWife, #memoryLoss

“Oh, dear lord.. thank you, god you woke up.” Kabir intoned, gleefully staring at Sanjana. Sanjana looks at Kabir with a perplexed countenance; Kabir keeps beaming a passionate smile at her.

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Cheating Wife

Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder

#nsfw, #ocd, #filth

My sleep was disturbed by the noise of someone cleaning the clothes. The noise was of strokes of the brush over foamy fabric; it was coming from the bathroom. I think maybe it’s my wife. But then I recall my wife has left for her mother’s place and won’t be coming back until next week. Perhaps, she is back early. I propose a hypothesis to myself.

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FictionCheating Wife

Wretched Deal


Mrs. Vanshika came & sat before her laptop screen in a dejected mood. The news that Only Fans had decided to ban explicit contents had dropped just then, and it hit her mood hard.