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24 Male Malaysia

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Basic Information

Languages: English & Tamil

Timezone: GMT+8:00

Availability: 11PM - 2AM (GMT+8:00)

Orientation: Straight

Dom/Sub/Switch Role: Switch


Age (Male Lead): 18-58

Age (Female Lead): 18-52

Reply Length: Semi-Para, Para, Multi-Para

Reply Perspective: First Person, Third Person

Themes: Romance, BDSM, Cheating

Kinks: Romance Recording, Dirty Talks, Anal, Blindfold, Body writing/marking, Bondage, Breeding, Cum swallowing (of each other), Electric simulation, Collaring, Exhibitionism, Face Slapping,Finger/hand sucking/finger blasting, Flirting, Orgasm Control, Gagging, Hair pulling, Helplessness, Ice play, Lactation, Licking Erotic Juices off the floor, Manhandling, Mind Breaking, Mirror Sex, Multiple Cumshots, Multiple Penetrations, Name Calling, Nipple/tit play/torture, Non-consensual, Spanking, Squirting, Talking Back, Teasing, Seducing, Groping, Slow Undressing, Known people, Big Assets, Huge Loads, Threesomes depending on mood (mmf and mff both), Eeasing in all manner using various ways, Hidden Public, Taking/giving control.

Maybe: Beastility, Non Consensual

Multiple Characters: Maybe, depending on the partner


Themes: Smut & quickies without any foreplay.

Limits: Too Gross or filthy, Toilet Play, Illegal ,Blood & Gore, Vore, Pegging and Gay stuff

Elaborate Introduction

Nickname: Big Boy, big back story, to simplifier, He got a better length at right place

How old does he appear: He looks very younger than the number shows but his physics wont be at it.

Weight: 165.Lbs

Height: He stands 6"

Body build: He never misses his training session for any cost, he hot curved traps with neck which gives a start bump to his shoulders which is very well shaped with a biceps and it continues towards his forearms also his triceps add more value to his look, these are just a first eye impression ,he got a nicely shaped chest with firm mucles over there which might add on big value to his look which continued to his upper back side and towards lower back. His whole effort of workout goes to his abs so got perfectly sliced abs with 8 steps from bottom of his chest to his abdomen also his quadriceps is massive of his look with good curves in his calves

Shape of face: He got perfect handsome shape which no one can regret looking at it

Eye color: Brown but at times it looks black

Skin tone: Fair complex

**Hair color:**Black

Hairstyle: Long hair but he always make it look like firm at its own place ,He combs his hair to at its place to keep it clean but if it gets messy , it is messy

Voice: he would speak with his throat voice which is clear enough to make is point and speech clear

Overall attractiveness: He is complete wholesome new handsome boy to the town

Physical disabilities: as he is a gym person he can do anything with his body as it goes with his thinks

Usual fashion of dress: He used to wear a black shirt which shows his abs lines at its place and it fits very tight on him though, he wears a grey pant matches with his shirt which shows his complete figure of massive handsome body, also he wears googles , watch , shoes and might carry his phone always to add on value to his look

Favorite outfit: Tees and shorts

Accessories: Gold chain on very thin but it shines at times


I play on Facebook or Discord.

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