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Sachin Desai

44 Male India

Roleplaying Since

Basic Information

Languages: English & Hindi

Timezone: IST (GMT+5:30)

Availability: Mostly at night, open for offline plays

Orientation: Straight

Dom/Sub/Switch Role: Dom


Age (Male Lead): 35-65

Age (Female Lead): 18-45

Reply Length: Semi-Para, Para, Multi-Para

Reply Perspective: First Person

Themes: Non-blood Incest, Interfaith, Coerced Cuckold, BDSM, Romance

Kinks: Prefer to share it in private

Maybe: Beastility, Non Consensual

Multiple Characters: Yes


Themes: Sci-Fi, Historical

Limits: Blood & Gore, Scat, Puke, Beastility, Slutty Women, Force & Blackmail

Elaborate Introduction

I have been a role-player for over 2 decades now. Had some mind-blowing plays on Yahoo until it shut down its chatrooms in 2013. Since then, I have been trying to find alternate platforms to pursue my passion for role-playing.

Absolute turn-offs: Women interested in playing slutty characters. If you wish to play a cheating wife then there needs to be a reason why you'd do that. Short hand typing is again a turn off. I prefer players who can type words in full. Force & Blackmail settings are a strict no.

Here are a few themes that I would love to explore:

Incest: I am more inclined towards playing non-blood relationships like father in law/daughter in law, stepdad etc. I like to explore the emotional side of things in my incest settings.

Interfaith: I do play interfaith as well, but I am done playing a Muslim guy to be honest. I would love to explore the option of playing a Hindu character with a Muslim female, which is quite rare as there are very few Muslim chicks who venture on virtual platforms.

Coerced cuckold: Instead of the regular cuckold plots where the husband usually plays a cuckold already, I prefer a setting where there's emotional tension between the couple and then wife ends up turning her husband in to a cuckold. A difficult and time-consuming setting, but I'd rather be interested in playing something which has some mettle.

BDSM: I began playing this genre about couple of years back and even after playing this with multiple settings, I can't seem to get enough of it. I love things on the soft BDSM side though. I don't include any torture, gore or anything to do with furniture stuff that usually people relate this genre to.

Romance: Haven't played it off late because the new players on the block fail to express themselves and this requires a lot of skill. I am absolutely open to the idea if I find the right partner for it.


Ping me on Facebook or Discord if you're interested.

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