A Mysterious Companion

Satya Ray

September 18, 2021

Roleplay Prompt


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It was just another day for Ms. Kavya in the metro. After a long stressful day at work, that including an overtime, she was just lucky enough to catch the last metro back to her apartment.

The late night metro was almost empty, and she had nothing much to do either. Taking out that last pieces of cookies she had saved in her little lunchbox, she absentmindedly started browsing through her phone.

As she settled herself in, her eyes vaguely fell on a man sitting across from her. Avoiding eye contact, she shot a quick glance at him. The man was engrossed in a paperback notebook. His one hand supported the notebook on his palm, the other jotted down something in quick succession.

Her curiosity getting the best of her, Kavya kept sneaking glances at the man, while pretending to scroll through something on her screen.

The man had an understated charisma in his looks. His loose-fitting jacket over the well suited blue shirt & denims framing his slim, fit body was stylish. His warm eyes had tiny smile around the corners. His lips flicked into subtle expression, with a soft smile. Probably reacting to whatever he noted down in the pages. There was no ring in the fingers of his hand writing on the notebook.

Even more intrigued, Kavya shifted her seat, trying to catch a glimpse of his expressive face & his maddenly hidden notebook cover.

What could be so interesting? She just had to know, she told herself.

Casually, she leant back in her seat to get a better angle. Still his hand kept a firm barrier to her vision.

Kavya tried to hide a frown. He was now being frustrating. It's not like it was his fault or anything, she had to admit. She was the one being creepy & trying to sneak a peek. It's just a meet by chance. Either of their station would come, and they'd leave. Still, her mind refused to let go of the curiosity.

She shifted her gaze to her phone without actually reading a single word. Her curiosity started to grow into a compulsion. Maybe it had something to do with how his lips made her belly flutter when it shifted into those little charming smiles.

Finally, he lifted his leg to shift his position, going ahead to turn the page. Revealing the scene to Kavya's prying eyes.

It was a rather a sketch he was making, with some notes at the foot of it. A topless damsel lay back limp in the arms of a bare-chested man with rippling muscles. The man's finger was probing onto the lady's abdomen, as he watched his companion in utmost interest.

Kavya's eyes widened in surprise. 'It's one of those trashy romance artist & writers!' she thought.

She totally had not expected this.

At that moment she glanced up from the drawing, her eyes fell on the stranger looking straight back at her. His fingers frozen over the pen, a guilty expression spread over his face.

Kavya hurriedly tried to dilute the situation.

“Hey, don't worry, I love a hot & heavy paperback notebook every now & then”. She said with a reassuring smile. “And the sketch is good. I guess something really well going in your mind?”

Relaxing down now, the man held up the notebook, with a sheepish look in his face. “To be honest, the plot is still in motion. But I could not stop pouring my visuals on the *paper. You know what I mean?”

Kavya giggled in appreciation & nodded. Putting her palm under her chin, she leant ahead to take a good view of the sketch, then its artist.

“Oh, so you like heavy bosoms and thrusting & all that?” She teased. “You look too sophisticated to be drawn to that kind of thing”.

The stranger laughed out, almost rippling from the impact. Raising his hand in defense, he replied in a mock offense. “You do me wrong, Milady. I am a man of many tastes. I just like to give my thoughts a satisfying, sensual killing ending”.

Kavya's eyebrow raised appreciatively. Shifting her face to press her cheek on her palm. “Hmm interesting. So you have killer imaginations. Tell me more about it”.

He shrugged, laughing a little. “You know, touch, feel, some ecstasy, & then a good soulful ending. I don't want to be more.. descriptive about it”.

Kavya placed the back of her hand on her forehead, the other one on her chest, faking a half swoon. “Don't worry. I won't faint on you”.

Hearing him chuckle softly, she looked at him with both hands on her chest. “Don't worry. I'm a grown lady with imaginations. You could be s descriptive as you want with me. I can handle it”.

The man's eyes glimmered for a moment. As she leant back, Kavya noticed his eyes run down the generous curves of her body, after lingering for a moment at the hint of crevice of her bosom. She felt the blush on her face quickly, somehow feeling both annoyed & flattered at the same time.

“What is the plot about, Mr. Artist?” she asked, as if an indication for him to look up in her eyes.

“Actually, I'm a serial killer”. The man replied casually. “I'm just thinking of the way how to end it both with aesthetics & ecstacy”. He shrugged lightly.

Kavya stared at his face for a few moments, then burst out into a hearty laugh. He must hv a really good humor, she thought to herself.

Composing herself back with great difficulty, she questioned back. “And what does that hv to do with all sensuality?”

“It is the preparations. Without the foreplay, the ending will not be satisfying”. He replied. There was a passion in his voice which Kavya could not ignore. It only made her attract even more towards him.

She would love to hear some more about it, but her station was rapidly approaching.

Kavya rose reluctantly from her seat, adjusting her outfit. “So, Mr. Killer, do you hv a name & number? Or do you approach your partner uncalled?”

“Actually”, the man slipped a hand in his pocket & produced a small card. “Here. My name, contact. I am a masseur, but that's my profession”. He chuckled. “Isn't it unfair to hv your contact for the same?”

Kavya giggled & produced a small chit from her side bag. Jotting down her name & phone number quickly, she extended it at him. She shivered softly as their skin touched during the exchange. She did not know she had been aroused that much!

“Looking forward to meet you again, Mr. Handsome Killer”. She winked, as she headed for the door. “I'll be calling you soon”.

“Even if you don't”, The man replied, “I might just come for you”. He smirked as he tapped his pen against the notebook binding.

For some reasons, it sent butterflies down her stomach. But there was no time to ponder about it. She walked out of the metro hurriedly, eager to get back to her house.

The light from the candles shone against Kavya's bare skin, as she lay stretched in the comfortable bed. Closing her eyes, she tried keeping her breath long & composed. Still, short gasps bursted in between without warning. Her hands trembled.

She knew he was going to touch her soon. Just the thought of his hands sent a rush of anticipation and fear through her body. She knew, she had no escape. He was not joking about his passion, nor was he joking about reaching out to her..

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