Arabian Night

Kabir Singh

February 1, 2024

Interfaith, Fiction


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Meenakshi Thakur - synonymous with grace and talent in the Indian film industry. With her enchanting screen presence and versatile performances, Meenakshi has carved a niche in Bollywood. Her almond-shaped eyes, adorned with a captivating hue of hazel, reflect the depth of her emotions. Flowing locks of mahogany brown hair cascade down her shoulders, framing a face adorned with subtle expressions that can convey a myriad of feelings. Her elegance extends beyond the silver screen. A slender silhouette, she carries herself with poise, whether at a glamorous film premiere or a casual outing in the city. Her fan following has grown exponentially with each remarkable project she takes on.

As August 1st dawns, a significant day marked not just on the calendar but also in the hearts of her fans, Meenakshi finds herself in the heart of luxury at the renowned Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Secluded in the lavish surroundings of her suite, Meenakshi has deliberately chosen to escape the bustle of her celebrity life to celebrate her birthday in tranquility. The panoramic views of Dubai's skyline from the heights of the Burj Al Arab serve as a backdrop to her introspective moments. The city lights twinkle below, mirroring the stardom she has attained.

As the morning sunlight bathes the living room of her luxurious suite - Meenakshi stirs from her peaceful slumber. Stretching languidly, she makes her way to the living room, where an unexpected surprise awaits. On the ornate table - Meenakshi notices a small, beautifully adorned basket. The sight of it sparks curiosity, and as she approaches, the subtle sound of a soft purr reaches her ears. Intrigued, Meenakshi carefully lifts the lid to reveal a rare breed of white kitten nestled within the basket. Its eyes, a mesmerizing shade of blue, meet hers, and a gentle warmth fills the room.

Beside the basket, a pristine Happy Birthday card catches her attention. Its design is understated yet exudes a sense of sophistication. The wishes inside are written with care, extending warm birthday greetings. The mystery deepens as she discovers a business card - bearing the initials "AA Al Ghurair." The card's minimalistic design reflects the refined taste of its sender.

As Meenakshi turns the card over, her eyes fall upon - a Dubai phone number inscribed in blue ink. The digits stand out against the ivory backdrop, inviting her to unravel the enigma behind this unexpected birthday gift. With a mix of excitement and curiosity, she contemplates the significance of this gesture.

In the midst of the splendor of her surroundings, the delicate feline companion purrs contentedly in the basket, seemingly aware of the intrigue it has sparked. The morning takes on a magical quality as Meenakshi embarks on a journey of discovery, both captivated by the charm of the kitten and intrigued by the mystery encapsulated in the elegant business card.

The day unfolds like a script yet to be written, with the city of Dubai holding secrets and surprises that beckon Meenakshi into an enchanting birthday adventure.

As Meenakshi continues to play with the adorable white kitten, her phone vibrates with an incoming call. The caller ID displays her manager's name, and with a quick swipe, she answers the call.

The manager's voice bursts through the phone. He had a piece of great news for her - he shared it with her after wishing her Happy Birthday. Netflix was interested in casting Meenakshi for one of their upcoming Hollywood projects, and she was starring alongside Ryan Gosling.

Meenakshi's heart skips a beat, and a gasp of disbelief escapes her lips. The kitten - sensing her heightened emotions, nuzzles against her hand as if sharing in the joy.

"Oh my god. Are you serious? That's incredible!" Meenakshi exclaims, her voice filled with a mixture of gratitude and exhilaration.

Her manager provided details about the audition process and the potential magnitude of this opportunity, then disconnected the call after wishing her Happy Birthday another time. Meenakshi, unable to contain her happiness, dances around the room in sheer joy. The news marks a milestone in her career, a testament to her talent and dedication, or at least that's what she thought.

Amidst the celebration, a thought crosses her mind — the mysterious gift of the white kitten and the business card from AA Al Ghurair. Could this be more than a mere coincidence? The excitement intensifies, and Meenakshi decides to explore the connection further. With curiosity and anticipation, Meenakshi decides to unravel the mystery.

She dials the phone number written on the business card, the blue ink on ivory symbolizing the intrigue that has woven its way into her day. The phone rings, and with each passing second, her heartbeat quickens. A voice on the other end answers, revealing the distinct accent of Dubai.

"Hello, this is Meenakshi Thakur. Am I talking to Mr Ghurair?" Meenakshi says, her voice - a blend of excitement and curiosity.

The voice on the other end responds warmly, "Meenakshi, ah - pleasure to connect with you. Yes, you're talking to Mr Ghurair."

The revelation adds a layer of anticipation to Meenakshi's already eventful day. The kitten - now perched on her shoulder, seems to share in the excitement, as if aware of the magical journey unfolding for its newfound companion. And so, against the backdrop of Dubai's skyline, Meenakshi prepares to venture into a world where the lines between reality and enchantment blur, leaving her with a sense of wonder for the chapters yet to be written in the script of her life.

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