Kabir Singh

October 8, 2020

Roleplay Prompt


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For the past couple of months, I declined her multiple dinner invitations. She even suggested the idea of going out for dinner in case I didn't enjoy her food anymore. Actually, I wanted to go out with her or have a homemade dinner at her place too. But ever since lockdown, things have had changed.

I was learning a couple of new skills to have them as a backup. Since after the pandemic situation making consistent profit on stocks had become even more difficult. I was honing my skills in programming, learning Python, and Web Development. I explained it to her, she won't believe me.

“There's something that has changed. You don't find me attractive anymore…” She would say almost every time we got on a phone call.

She had to stop this. I didn't know how to make her stop without hurting her feelings. I had no choice.

“You are getting older, have gained too much weight as well…” There, I said it, she should have known better than I was lying, “Sorry if that did hurt your feelings,” I added, but she didn't.

Even though sometimes she'd pretend like a stubborn 37-year-old, she was quite intelligent and sincere in comparison to her peers. Her emotional quotient was higher than mine. She was very old-fashioned when it came to articles of clothing. Even though everything between us was purely platonic but, every time we meet, I'd feel as if she hasn't quite opened up with me yet. That, she's keeping something from me. Honestly, I've had never seen her skin below her neck except for her arms and her feet.

“Oh, I see…” Her tone changed, “If that's the case, then… okay. I get it.” She responded as any mature adult would.

“Thank you!!” We disconnected our call.

Finally, I had all the time that I needed for myself. I was focused more than ever. But even a 100% efficient machine needs a break. I am just a human, after all.

Saturday evening, I went to a pub that we'd often visit when I didn't have things to worry about. I preferred drinking alone cause every time my friends would join me, I'd drink beyond my limit and end up with my head shoved into a toilet seat. Once I dozed off inside a bathroom itself just so that I could throw up at midnight if I had to.

Once I arrived at the pub, I had to wait for one of the chairs to get empty. It took about five minutes, and I grabbed the first opportunity right away. The bartender knew me very well.

“Same.” He chin-ups.

“Yeah, usual…” I nodded.

The bartender brought me the drink, my favorite whisky on the rocks. I thank him and pick up the rocks glass. I was about to quaff it all down, all at once, but I didn't. It has been three months since I last touched any liquor. I look down at the glass, both my eyebrows shoot up.

“Oh, WTF!” I guzzle it down all at once, “Ah, one more, please…” I exhale and inhale sharply with my mouth wide open to cope up with the taste.

That's when my eyes catch a glimpse of a girl. She's was sitting three chairs next to me to my left. I couldn't see her face but the small of her back was bare. She was wearing a grey tank top and rather skin-tight jeans, especially given the size of her bottom. Her skin looked very pale in the dim lighting ambiance of the pub. She's was talking to a guy who was a stranger to her. I could tell after observing the way they were interacting. He's probably cracking jokes. She would laugh every now and then. Every time she would laugh, I could see her subtle skin folds on her belly jiggle in a rhythm. A rhythm that'd make you want to see it up close on top of yourself, zooming in and out of your focus.

There were so many pretty girls around. They were either too skinny or too chubby for my penchant. Thirty-eight inches, that's my sweet spot.

“Sir, your drink…” The bartender interrupted my train of thought.

I look at him and smile wryly and nod in response. I pick up the glass, look in that direction again, the girl wasn't there. I look around here and there as if a prey trying to get hold of his predator. Right then, someone taps on my shoulder, and I turn around.

'Holy mother of a cow,' I think. It's her, in a completely new Avatar.

I blink my eyes and even jolt my head left to right slightly.

“I…I… ” I stutter.

“It's okay! I am digging this new look so, you don't owe me anything.” She said, smiling at me, “To be honest, I wanted to do it for a very long time but never had the courage to… but, you gave me a good reason.”

“Oh,” I part my lips.

“Btw, I'll have to go…” She says curtly. Her lips pout and soon returned to the shape of an alluring smile.

A masculine arm pulled her towards the dance floor. She turned around to look at me once more before she started dancing. All I could do was just watch her move in awe.

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