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Kabir Singh

November 6, 2021

Cheating Wife, Roleplay Prompt


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Minakshi was dressed in a red saree and was looking spectacularly beautiful on Diwali night. She did most of the decoration on her own for the house with the help of her maid indeed. The maid was on leave as she had to celebrate Diwali with her own family as well.

The significant other of Minakshi had invited his bachelor friend over to celebrate Diwali with them. Akash and Kabir were colleagues and good friends. Little did Akash know about Kabir; he had set his eyes on Minakshi ever since Akash invited him home for the first time.

Kabir brought a 750ml bottle of Blenders Pride with him. Akash liked to drink as well, but unlike Kabir, he'd little to no capacity. Akash would throw up or doze off almost immediately after taking a few shots. It was all part of Kabir's plan to get his chance at Minakshi.

“No one is going to drink tonight,” Minakshi takes the bottle from Kabir and takes it inside to put it on the whisky cabinet.

'Fuck, that didn't go as planned.' Kabir thinks in his head.

“Oh, come on! If we're not going to get drunk tonight. How are we going to have the fun, darling?” Akash complains when Minakshi leaves.

“Not on my watch,” Minakshi shrieks from the other room.

Akash looks at Kabir and gestures to him not to worry. He implies that they're going to get drunk tonight no matter what. Akash was a peculiar creature. He would pretend as if he's the biggest drunkard. It would happen every time they'd go to a Bar or sit somewhere with other friends. But once the liquor goes in, he passes out in no time. Kabir's entire plan depended on Akash's idiosyncrasy.

The three of them lit up oil lamps and set off firecrackers for a couple of hours before finally returning indoors. Minakshi brings sweets and soft drinks for both the males in the house. When Minakshi goes back inside the kitchen, Akash sneaks out the Blenders Pride bottle to the living room, where Kabir and Akash start to imbibe the liquor.

Akash plays Tip Tip Barsa Paani song from the Suryavanshi movie on the speakers. He was already high and reeling. Minakshi doesn't get it at first.

But the moment she gets the gist behind the music, she dashes to the living room. Both the males were grinning ear to ear when she arrived.

“Akash, this is not right? How much did you drink?” Minakshi yells at Akash at the top of her voice.

“Three shots only,” Kabir responds. Akash was still grinning like a maniac.

“Come, darling, join us…” Akash slurs.

“Shut up, Akash. Kabir, you should've stopped him. No? Enough. Give me the glass,” Minakshi squats next to Akash to take the glass from him, but Akash greedily emptied guzzled the volume once again before she could do so.

“Why don't you dance for me, Sweetie? Don't you like the song?” Akash slurs again. Minakshi's cheek flushes crimson.

“Are you mad? Kabir's here.” Minakshi protests taking the glass from him.

“I won't mind an item number,” Kabir blurts out unabashedly.

Minakshi was taken aback by his words. She whips her head to look at Kabir. Kabir had no expression on his face. It was a very unusual thing that Kabir had just asked.

“Very funny,” Minakshi said, scowling her face.

“I am not joking, Meena,” Kabir said, biting his lips.

“That's my man,” Akash slurs and hitches and falls flat on the couch.

Minakshi was appalled; she looked at Kabir again. A crooked smile was dancing on his face.

To be discussed and continued in private.

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