Enigmatic Intruder

Kabir Singh

October 8, 2023

Interfaith, Age Gap, Character Sketch


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In the vibrant city of Ahmedabad, there resided a thiry-two-year-old woman of unparalleled allure – Kumodini Sudhir Mehta. She exuded an aura of grace and sophistication, her sarees draping flawlessly over her figure, accentuating each curve with an effortless elegance. Kumodini was a vision of captivating beauty, her raven-black hair cascading down her back, and her almond-shaped eyes, lined with kohl, held an enigmatic charm. Her delicate fingers were adorned with resplendent jewels that shimmered and sparkled in the golden sunlight, a perfect complement to the opulent life she led.

Kumodini was the wife of Sudhir Mehta, a wealthy businessman who had made a name by running a chain of ice cream parlors across India under the renowned brand - Badilal. Their bungalow was a sprawling mansion with servants, maids, and luxury cars that seemed to multiply with each passing year. The couple lived in the lap of luxury, surrounded by every comfort imaginable.

But beneath Kumodini's stunning facade lay a heart as cold as the ice cream that had made her husband's fortune. She was an egomaniac with a haughty attitude that often spilled over into her views of the world around her. To Kumodini, those from the lower or middle class were nothing more than "cockroaches," a derogatory term she reserved for anyone who wasn't part of her elite circle.

Kumodini's life was far from perfect - despite her extravagant surroundings. She lived with her in-laws, who were deeply spiritual and constantly on the move, visiting relatives or embarking on pilgrimages to holy places. Her husband, Sudhir, was no different; he was always on the road, traveling within India and abroad, tirelessly expanding his empire.

Sudhir's unending quest for success had bestowed upon Kumodini not just an excess of leisure and a vast fortune - an overwhelming sense of regret. Each day was a reminder of the fateful decision to marry him. Sudhir had never been the partner she had yearned for, never the one to share her hopes, dreams, and passions.

Within the gilded cage of her opulent life, Kumodini recognized a void that no wealth could ever fill. She yearned for a man who would bring riches but also the richness of love and camaraderie into her world. Deep down, the egomaniacal lioness within her craved a wild spirit to awaken her dormant desires, to teach her the uncharted lessons of true passion and fulfillment.

Concluding the character sketch, I also have a special bonus in mind that I'd like to share below, seamlessly continuing our narrative.

In the dead of the night, the clock stubbornly ticking away at 2:30 AM, Kumodini awoke with a parched throat. A gentle rustle of silk accompanied her movements as she reached for her phone on the nightstand. Sudhir, her husband, had been on a flight to London, scheduled to land around this time. She thought it was a perfect opportunity to feel less lonely in their sprawling bungalow.

As she chatted with Sudhir, she strolled around the dimly lit room, the soft glow of her phone casting an eerie, bluish light across her elegant surroundings. The lavish bungalow lay in stillness, the silence interrupted only by the muffled hum of the air conditioning.

With a glass of water in mind, Kumodini headed outside the bedroom, her steps guided by the faint light seeping through the curtains. The kitchen, adjacent to the maid Savitri's room, beckoned with the promise of refreshment. It was an aimless walk, just another night in the life of luxury.

But then, as Kumodini walked towards the kitchen, her delicate ears caught something unusual. The quiet of the night was disturbed by faint moans emanating from Savitri's room, a place typically veiled in silence at this hour. A curious shiver danced down Kumodini's spine, for at that moment.

Savitri, the diligent maid - had a room unlike any of the male staff members who served the grand bungalow. Her living quarters were uniquely situated, adjoining the main house itself. Unlike the drivers and security guards, who resided in separate staff quarters some distance away, Savitri's room was conveniently located right next to the kitchen, allowing her to respond to any late-night requests from the Mehta family.

The window of Savitri's room stood ajar, inviting night's breeze into the hushed confines of the bungalow. The mansion seemed to hold its breath - aware of the clandestine event unfolding within.

Kumodini, curiosity piqued and heart pounding, tip-toed closer to the open window. Her footsteps were almost inaudible against the plush carpeted floor. The silhouettes in the room came into view, flickering shadows against the dim light. She gasped, her eyes widening with astonishment and perhaps a hint of disbelief.

There were two silhouettes in the room, their movements wrapped in secrecy. One was undoubtedly Savitri, her presence confirmed by the familiar contours of her figure. The other remained an enigma, concealed by the shadows and sporting a distinctive white skullcap.

The dimness - played tricks with Kumodini's perception, preventing her from discerning more details about the mysterious man. He loomed like a giant, an imposing presence that fascinated and unsettled her.

Who was this enigmatic figure with Savitri? Why were they meeting in the dead of night, hidden from the prying eyes? Questions swirled within Kumodini's mind, and a surge of curiosity compelled her to uncover the truth. She couldn't ignore this puzzle and was determined to unravel its secrets.

Kumodini contemplated her next move, her thoughts a whirlwind of intrigue. There was something extraordinary afoot, something that would undoubtedly reshape the course of her life.

Who is this beast? I've something in mind for him but feel free to drop your ideas for this character in the comments.

To be continued in private.

PS: Kumodini's character sketch is an open book to explore and utilize her in any manner, with any or many characters that best serves the unfolding narrative.

Happy Roleplaying!!

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