Fated to be Evil

Arnav AR

June 8, 2023



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An innocent girl who turned into an evil..

But can you really say that she is an evil?

Let me share few glimpse of her drastic but adventurous journey here,

There was a boy, normal guy in 21st century who is very good at what he was doing, he was around 28, greyish skin, black eyes, curly hairs, he was building his own empire in tech world, he was living his life with full enjoyment, but in his own alone. Because no one trusted him on his family. No one liked him around his circle and all this was happening because he had a bad habit of saying unexpected things about someone’s future (He has a curse that he can tell anyone’s future by watching his/her face, however, it had not been perfect, but most of the time, those future predictions made things worse for people), and so he decided to spare himself and started loving alone in a city far from his home.

It was about 2 months and he was going for jogging when accidentally he saw some flashes when his eyes were winked for a few seconds after watching a girl jogging crossing his path.

He got scared, his heartbeats got fasten, sweets started rushing through his skin, he couldn’t even able to watch for next few seconds as there was all darkness in front of his eyes..

He sat down right there..

After few seconds..

“Hey, hey, hello, are you alright?” (The same girl, who were crossing his path tried to help him, sprinkled some water drops on his face as she was having her water bottle)

Heatybeats started returning to its normal speed again, he felt some fresh air touching his skin and giving him some positive vibes, he focused on the voice that was coming to him,

A blur vision then started getting clear very slowly..

And then he saw a young girl in sports dressup, fair skin, with dimple on her cheeks, around 5.4” ht and black hairs holding his hand trying to shake his body to bring him back in his senses..

Visions got more clearer and he saw her face, her hairs tried to touch her face even when she pony tailed her hairs, her face was having tense muscles due to accident she saw with that guy.

“Hey, are you alright?” “What happened?” “Do you need a doc?” “Tell me”

The giy was watching her, starring at her face as he saw someone caring for him after so long, a little shy smile popped up in his face,

“Are you mad? Why are you smiling?” (Girl was surprised with his weird behaviour)

“No, no, I’m alright, and thank you for helping me, I don’t know what happened, but I saw some flashes tha I don’t even remember, hahaha”

She offered him the water and wait for him to stand up again,

“Will you be able to go your home? Or should I help?” (She asked genuinely)

Her hand is still holding his hand as he was standing up with her support,

“Hey, thank you, and don’t worry, I’ve already been troublesome to you, so thank you again, I’ll leave now” (he was an ignorant guy who didn’t love to being with people due to his past behaviours)

“Alright then” (she went her own way then)

It was their first meet.. That’s what you can think as the story is telling you so, but wait, let me show you some flashes that he watched in few seconds recently..

“You can’t leave me in the middle, I’ve loved you my whole life, you were my everything, why you did it? Why?” (A princess in red dress was taking her last breaths in someone’s hand)

She has killed almost the whole dynasty, blood was everywhere, people were cursing her..

Someone kissed her lips,

“Goodbye, my princess, I promise, we will meet again and then I’ll fix you” (someone, she was lying on his arms, promising her as his tears were falling on her.

He took the blade out and then push into her again..

“I love you” (she took her last breaths in his hands)

Okay, are you confused?

So, no, that someone was not that modern guy..

His hands were crawling through her face to her shoulders to left side waist to her flat tummy, his fingers was reaching out to her elastic of Lehnga (bottom wear) and rolling from left to right as she was moaning slowly, he whippers,

“You were, you’re and you’ll be mine Aditi, You were fated to be mine and you’ll always be fated with me”

He grabbed her right side waist and turn her with a single move, wrap his hand around her waist, grab her hairs tight, pull her head back, lean towards her face, started rolling fingers of other hand in her face to adjust her hairs back on her right side shoulder, then bite her lower lip..

Pull his head back, starring into her, smile,

“Say, you’re mine” (he command her in fun way)

“I’m yours master” (she smiled back and flurt back as they were newly married)

Okay, so this guy was the one she lied at time of her last breaths..so who was that modern time guy? Curious?

Let’s go back in the modern time..

“Wake up kid, you’ve to do something for me, go and bring her, bring the girl you saw flashes about this morning, she is mine, someone took her from me by betraying and then betrayed her too, I need her back, the turner an innocent girl into evil princess” (Darkness is everywhere, his face is blurred by darkness too, red and blaack smoke is filling the whole sky, only his clothes are visible, pure black devil kind of costume)

The guy is sweeting again while watching dream..

“If you won’t bring her back to me, I’ll make you so dark that you’ll end up kill yourself and your loved ones” (he came close to him in a micro second and grab his neck tight, threatening him)

His loud and threatening heavy voice scaring him, he started whispering in his dream,

“Please, don’t do it, spare me, please, how can I find her, I don’t even know her” (he was begging)

“I’m waiting for her since ages now, do whatever you can but I want her, bring her to me”

He was alsmost choked out, still begging to be soared, screamed loud,

“Noooooooooo” and then his dream broke up..

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