GOAT - Greatest of All Time

Kabir Singh

April 7, 2022

Fiction, Age Gap


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Hari Ram was a nineteen-year-old boy who was living alone by himself. His father left him and his mother when he left for Mumbai and got himself a daily wage job. After that, the father never returned to their village. Hari Ram's mother passed the very last year.

Hari lived in a small mud house and earned his bread and butter by selling the milk of goats he had since he can recall. Every day he would take his goats out for grazing in the pasture. When goats get busy feeding themselves, he will deliver the milk to other villagers going door to door.

Villagers think of him as a poor boy who's so innocent that God must've made a mistake by taking away his parents from him. Little did the villagers know Hari had grown fond of his goats and would often assault them every night before going to bed. That's how his life was.

One day a lady arrives in the village. The lady doesn't speak or understand the regional language. She had come to make a documentary on the ruins of an old temple. The temple was on top of a hill. The hills also surrounded the village on three sides.

Folklore of hidden treasures around the temple was famous. But no one had been able to find it until now.

Lady was of a foreign origin and was in her late forties, but she looked like someone in her early thirties. When she tried to communicate with the people of the village, no one was able to understand a word. Hari Ram was the only boy in the locality; who could speak a little English but still hadn't moved to a town, unlike other boys.

People assisted the lady and introduced her to Hari Ram.

That's where the fun begins.

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