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Kabir Singh

April 15, 2022

Age Gap, Interfaith


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Veena was 33-year-old and a mother of a 4-year-old boy. She never had time for herself up until now. Rohit, her husband, is an entrepreneur. Recently some rich people got interested in Rohit's product, and his business had finally started making some money.

With money coming through the roof, Rohit had hired a maid. Veena had a lot more time for herself; and things she wanted to do. Veena would participate in cultural events in her school and college. She had a passion for dancing, and she was indeed a good dancer. Being admired for her performance on a stage by the audience would bring her joy like nothing else.

The easiest way to be admired for her talent was to get on social media. So, that's what she did. She joined Instagram and started making reels. Rohit wasn't on any other platform except for LinkedIn. Veena knew she was fortunate because Rohit would have never approved of it.

Over time she gained 80k+ followers organically. But still, she wasn't satisfied enough with her growth rate. The reason was her conservative clothing in all of her reels. Unlike most models or celebs out there, she was on the heavier side. Veena had beefy assets and a waist of 32 inches in width. She never felt comfortable showing her skin to anyone. Also, the quality of her reels was subpar. She needed a DSLR or at least a decent I-phone. Alas, she couldn't ask for it from Rohit.

One day she received DM from a stranger account named "artist4242". It was a pencil sketch of Veena. This gesture filled Veena with gratification; she immediately thanked the stranger. Soon she started chatting with the stranger. Veena would ask for his feedback on her reels, and he would share it with her. The connection and mutual understanding between them grow stronger over the weeks.

She finally asked his opinion on whether she should get bolder and what he thought of her beefy body. The stranger tells her that he's a skinny guy and is very conscious about his physical appearance in public. The conversation goes a lot deeper than any of them had initially expected.

They find out they live in the same city. The stranger even insisted on a meeting. He expressed his desire to see her dance in front of him. Sketch her with her live presence in the room. Veena discards his suggestion politely.

The stranger tells Veena he can help with video qualities. He was a graphic designer with a portfolio and used high-tech gadgets for all his drawings and designs. The stranger also knew a thing or two about video editing. It makes Veena reevaluate her decision. She tells him that she will sleep on it.

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