Kabir Singh

September 14, 2023

Age Gap


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Vasudha Chauhan, a seventeen-year-old girl on the cusp of her 18th birthday, is ready to embrace a life-altering adventure. She was from Bhopal and had recently moved to Kota, leaving her family and her beloved hometown. Her mission was to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to intensive studies and exam preparations, a decision that marked her first experience of living away from her roots.

With her long, ebony hair, Vasudha exudes an old-world charm that sets her apart in the modern Gen Z crowd. She respects tradition and carries herself with grace and modesty. Vasudha is a diligent and devoted student, pouring over textbooks and solving complex problems for hours. Despite her age, she has never been in a romantic relationship, as her focus has always been on personal growth and academic achievements.

In Kota, Vasudha was sharing a PG accommodation with two other girls. Each girl had their own dedicated room to sleep in. They shared the same flat, which included a common kitchen, hall, balcony, and bathroom. Vasudha's flat-mates contrast her nature. They are modern and fast-paced. They are often engrossed in conversations with their boyfriends, even during study hours. This stark contrast has left Vasudha wondering if she's missing out on certain aspects of life, including the joys and experiences of romantic relationships. As she observes her friends' lives, Vasudha finds herself at a crossroads, torn between her dedication to academics and the desire to explore the more carefree and romantic side of her teenage years.

On Facebook, Vasudha comes across a profile. The bio said, "looking for a wife." It strikes her as innocent and endearing. She noticed that the city mentioned in the profile was Kota. The user last updated the profile picture seven years ago, but Vasudha didn't see the date. In the profile picture, the guy looked much younger and didn't appear overweight since the photo was old. Vasudha's curiosity gets the better of her. She sent a friendly message.

The profile was of a man named Yugal Kishore. He is a thirty-six-year-old man carrying the burden of a lifetime of discrimination. Standing tall at 5'11", Yugal has a dark complexion and an overweight physique - traits many might label unattractive. Originally from a village, he now lives and works in Jaipur at a corporate company in the HR department. Despite his family's continuous efforts to find him a life partner, Yugal remains unmarried, his self-esteem deeply affected by years of unkind treatment and unmet expectations.

Yugal's face, with its innocent appearance, often leads to misjudgments about his character, leaving him feeling like an outsider in a world that places a high value on superficial beauty. Discrimination due to his skin color has left lasting scars. For Yugal, even simple interactions with women were daunting - outside of professional settings.

As Vasudha delved deeper into her conversation with Yugal on Facebook, their chats evolved into a casual yet engaging exchange of stories, experiences, and perspectives. She found herself - drawn to Yugal's genuine and kind-hearted nature. The innocent charm - she had initially perceived in his profile bio remained intact throughout their virtual interactions.

One day, Vasudha received an invitation from her friends to join them on a trip to Jaipur. It was a rare opportunity for her to break free from her rigorous study routine and experience the vibrancy of a new city. Excited, she couldn't help but wonder about Yugal, who had shared his connection to Jaipur.

As fate would have it, Vasudha decided to take a leap of faith and reached out to Yugal with an idea. She suggested they meet in person during her upcoming visit to Jaipur. This decision marked the turning point in their story. They embarked on a journey of friendship, understanding, and an uncanny romance that would soon blossom.

Little did Vasudha know that beneath Yugal's seemingly innocent and unassuming exterior lay a side of him she had yet to uncover. While he had not been in any past relationships or had girlfriends, there was a hidden complexity to Yugal that he had carefully concealed. As their relationship deepened, Vasudha slowly begins to peel back the layers of Yugal's persona, revealing a side of him that was far from what he initially appeared to be. It was a revelation that would challenge her perceptions and take their uncanny romance into uncharted and unpredictable territory.

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