Kabir Singh

October 4, 2020

Cheating Wife


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When she was merely 14-years-old, she met a boy. He was nine years older than her at that time. They fell in love, or at least that what she thought. She was excellent in her academic performance. One could say that she is a smart person. But just like the education system, her intelligence was hollow. She misjudged the boy and fell for his trap.

The boy was a total failure, a college dropout. He exploited her for his pleasure until she turned seventeen.

Things changed for both of them when she broke the news of her pregnancy to him. He declined to accept her or the child in her womb as his own. He called her a prostitute and abused her physically. The situation spiraled out of her control too soon. She attempted to commit suicide. Fortunately, God had set a completely different path for her.

Her father was wise. He didn't ask too many questions. He married her off to a well-settled local businessman in their town. The businessman was even older than the boy. He had no issue with the child since she was pretty and docile. And also businessman has lost her wife neither did he have had any child of his own.

A month after their marriage, she requested her husband to move to a city. Everyone in their acquaintance now knew the truth of her affair and pregnancy. So they shift.


She was grown to become a very mature and sincere woman. She completed her schooling and college in literature after she gave birth to a beautiful young boy. The businessman had made some connection of his own. He had managed to quadruple his wealth within seventeen years with the help of some old and a lot more new friends.

She never felt the need to get a job, but she was interested in modeling. After talking about her hobby with her husband, the husband agreed for her to give it a try. He even arranged for a photographer who would help her with her portfolio.

Soon her social media follower grew like high on viagra rat's population with no reptilians to keep the numbers at bay. She got many offers for photoshoots and received some brand endorsement offers as well. She'd come a long way from attempting suicide to living her dream.


Just when she thought it's not going to get any better. She got an offer for a lead role in a web series called Gandi Baat, season 6. It was about to be released on streaming platform AltBalaji. She talked about this project with her husband. He told her to do whatever she wants.

The script was given to her somehow brought back her memories. The suffering and the pain she received from her first love years ago. Initially, she was skeptical about whether she should accept the offer or not. Finally, she took upon the project only because she wanted to make herself believe that she has been past her tragedy. That, it didn't matter to her anymore. She truly believes that it would help.

3 Months Later

When the trailer came out, she became a sensation overnight. She was all over the internet and all the social media platforms. Memers started calling her national crush. There were four more female lead roles for four different episodes of the series. But no one other than her got as much attention. She had never seen such an overwhelming response in her life.


The boy who had impregnated her was now grown into a man. He'd been through ups and downs as well. One of his friends forwarded a meme to him. He recognized her immediately.

For some reason, it felt so wrong to him. It was very unsettling. Watching the expressions on her face in the trailer triggered his god complex. He deemed that she doesn't deserve to be content in her life. At least not unless he wants her to be. He needed her back on her knees, right in front of him. Now more than ever. He'll do everything in his power to make it happen.

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