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November 28, 2022

Interfaith, Cheating Wife


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Sameeksha was a twenty-nine-year-old woman, recently married to a man named Sagar. Sagar was three years older than her and was a government contractor. She lived with her in-laws and husband in the same city where she grew up, but her childhood home was about 40 kilometers from her in-law's place.

Sameeksha had always been proud of her petite figure. Barely five feet and a half and never having gone over a hundred pounds, she was an elegant peach. Her love for dance had hardened her and molded her into a series of graceful curves, and excessive pounding had rounded her hips and filled her breasts to refined mounds. If Sameeksha had one true weakness in life, it would be the circumcised men. Her knees would turn to jelly, and she would transform into a submissive kitten around them. The obsession was so powerful and intense that no quantity of words could do justice to it.

Sameeksha had a long-term boyfriend - a Muslim named Javed Bashir. Javed was three years younger than Sameeksha and looked three years younger than his age. Javed had always been more than willing to share her with his other friends. Sameeksha loved Javed even more for that. They planned to get married, but a disagreement and subsequent argument eliminated that possibility.

During their relationship, Sameeksha had once promised Javed that he would be the only man who was ever going to impregnate her. Now that she was married, it didn't seem like she would be able to keep her promise. Perhaps, she had even forgotten about it. But Javed did not.

It had only been a little over a month since Sameeksha's marriage. One day when she returned from shopping, she was shocked to see Javed sitting on the couch chatting with her mother-in-law. They were giggling and conversing like they'd known each other for years.

Sameeksha stood at the threshold, stupefied by what was happening.

"Sameeksha, when did you arrive?" Her mother-in-law turned towards the door and spoke to her, "You didn't tell us about your cousin, poor boy - he couldn't attend your wedding," she continued and looked at Javed.

"Cousin!!" Sameeksha blurted out and looked at Javed.

Javed was looking back at her with a smug smile on his face.

"Yes, sister. Don't tell me you don't recall your cousin, Rahul, who went to Australia last year," He spoke and nodded, explaining his scheme to Sameeksha.

Sameeksha had no choice - she couldn't tell their in-laws who Rahul was.

She hadn't even processed this messed up situation, and Javed got up from his seat and embraced Sameeksha in his arms.

"Oh, sister. I'm so sorry for not being able to attend your marriage," Javed spoke next to her ear, too loud than required, "now, I'm going to stay with you for the next week," He said that loud as well and then mumbled, "I hope I'm not too late,"

Sameeksha didn't know how to react, that's when she saw her mother-in-law beaming a smile at her, and Sameeksha smiled briefly.

"It's okay, brother. I am glad you're here," She spoke, smiling at her mother-in-law as she caressed his back and Javed groped her buttock.

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PS: It could easily be a revenge story, and Javed may visit Sameeksha when she's pregnant instead of intending to impregnate her.

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