Purgatorial Penumbra

Kabir Singh

February 13, 2024

Cheating Wife, Fiction


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Garima Desai and Siddhant entered the police station, the tension palpable in the air. Garima felt a sense of helplessness wash over her as they approached the imposing building. She turned to Siddhant, her voice trembling with gratitude and anxiety.

"I don't know how I'll ever thank you," Garima said, her eyes reflecting her worry. "Ramesh's phone wasn't reachable. I was so scared. I had no idea what to do. Thank you so much for your help, Sir."

Siddhant's expression softened as he placed a reassuring hand on Garima's shoulder. "Garima, please don't worry. We're here for you. We'll get Mukesh out soon."

As they navigated the bustling police station, Garima's mind drifted to her life with Ramesh. They were a happily married couple with two children, a boy and a girl. Garima, with her striking beauty, was a loyal housewife - dedicated to her family's well-being.

In contrast, Mukesh, Ramesh's younger brother, had fallen into a pattern of reckless behavior. Once employed, he lost his job due to misconduct under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Since then, he had spiraled into a cycle of petty crimes, constantly finding himself in and out of jail. Ramesh harbored resentment towards Mukesh for his irresponsible actions but begrudgingly continued to bail him out, swayed by his parents' persistent hope that Mukesh would reform.

Amidst the turmoil of their family dynamics, Siddhant Kulkarni, a 44-year-old man and Ramesh's team leader, loomed as a pivotal figure. Siddhant had first met Garima during one of his visits to their home and had been immediately captivated by her beauty. Since then, he had harbored a strong attraction towards her - which influenced his behavior towards Ramesh.

Unbeknownst to Ramesh, Siddhant's newfound admiration for Garima led him to manipulate situations to his advantage - showering Ramesh with praise and favoritism to gain proximity to Garima. Ramesh, oblivious to Siddhant's ulterior motives, welcomed him into their lives with open arms, even going so far as to encourage Garima to trust Siddhant implicitly and treat him as a family friend.

Thus, when Garima found herself unable to reach Ramesh - in dire need of assistance for Mukesh's predicament, she instinctively turned to Siddhant, unaware of the tangled web of emotions and intentions - lying beneath the surface of their seemingly cordial relationship.

As Garima and Siddhant entered the police station, the atmosphere shifted from bustling to somber. Worn-out furniture filled the Police station, and the faint scent of disinfectant lingered in the air. Siddhant, with his confident stride, led Garima through the maze of desks and officers to the office of the in-charge police officer.

Inside the office, in the middle, a stout man with a dark skin tone and a noticeable belly protruding over his uniform was sitting on the chair. He was two inches shorter than Siddhant and had an authoritative presence. Stacks of files and paperwork cluttered the stout man's desk - a testament to the relentless nature of his job. He was eating Biryani from a tiffin box without the care of the world.

Garima glanced up at the Inspector, feeling a pang of anxiety. Her frame contrasted his sturdy build. Siddhant, standing beside her, exuded a sense of assurance, his unwavering support a source of comfort amid uncertainty.

"Bhabhi, bhabhi... Where's brother?" called out a familiar voice, breaking the tense silence of the police station. Garima turned to see Mukesh, her brother-in-law, holding onto the lockup bars, his appearance disheveled.

Garima's heart sank at the sight of Mukesh in such a state, but before she could move towards him, Inspector Patil grumbled and glared at her, gesturing for her to halt. With a heavy sigh, Garima obeyed, casting a helpless glance at Siddhant for guidance.

"Garima, go back and wait for me in the car. I'll bring Mukesh out," Siddhant instructed, his tone leaving no room for argument. Garima hesitated - her gaze flickering between Siddhant and Mukesh, understanding the necessity of following Siddhant's directive. With a heavy heart, she turned to leave the room, her steps faltering as she felt Inspector Patil's lecherous gaze on her.

Uncomfortable and unnerved, Garima hurried out, feeling the weight of Inspector Patil's inappropriate stare lingering on her arse. As she made her way towards the exit, she couldn't shake off the unsettling feeling of being objectified.

Meanwhile, Siddhant maintained a steely expression - eyes narrowed at the Inspector. Yet, Inspector Patil shamelessly made a derogatory comment as Garima left the room.

"How did such an alluring woman like her end up with a husband like that?" Inspector Patil muttered under his breath, a smirk playing on his lips. Given the context of Mukesh's frequent visits to the lockup and Ramesh's consistent bailouts, Inspector Patil was familiar with Ramesh, at least by face.

"Sorry mate, the line's getting longer. You'll have to wait," Mukesh quipped, a smirk playing on his lips as he addressed Inspector Patil.

Siddhant, seizing the opportunity, chimed in with a wry grin, "Yeah, been waiting my turn for a while now."

The trio exchanged knowing glances, a sense of camaraderie forming among them as they shared the unspoken desire for Garima. Little did Garima know, as she made her way out of the police station, that a dangerous game was unfolding behind closed doors. The three hungry wolves had silently vowed to pursue her, their dark desires hidden beneath a facade of brotherhood.

As Garima stepped out - into the cool evening air, a shiver ran down her spine, a premonition of the lurking danger ahead. Unaware of the sinister intentions brewing within the confines of the police station, she walked towards the car, her mind consumed with worry for Mukesh and oblivious to the impending threat posed by the three men who had set their sights on her.

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