Reproductive System

Kabir Singh

April 10, 2022

Age Gap


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Prakash was a man in his mid-thirties. He was the office boy and the peon of a co-ed boarding school. With a height of 6 feet 2 inches, Prakash towers over all the other staff in the school. His daily duty begins early morning when he starts to whistle, passing next to girls' and boys' hostel dormitories to wake them up early for their morning exercises on the playground.

He also has to stay up late to patrol dormitories to ensure all the lights are turned off by 11:00. That all students go to bed when it's time. One such night he's passing by one of the girl's dormitories. He was feeling pressure in his bladder. If the school campus were a jungle, Prakash was the king of the jungle. At least at night, he was.

Prakash goes next to the dormitories wall and starts to piddle. Little did he know a girl named Srija was coming back from the bathroom. A small aisle with a window connected the bathroom to the dorm.

Srija stopped by the window when she heard the whizzing sound. She was familiar with the sound. It immediately got her curious about who it could be. She walked close to the window and looked down.

The head of a man was the first thing she noticed. The man was looking down. Srija moved closer to the window and caught a glimpse of the man's third leg. She had only seen the pictures of it in her books. She had seen a few adult videos. But this was too much, and that too entirely unexpected. The sight makes her gasp.

Prakash looked up, and their eyes met each other. Srija stared at Prakash, dumbfounded for a brief moment, and ran away immediately.

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