Sacrificial Substitution

Kabir Singh

July 23, 2023

Age Gap, Intefaith


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In the quaint town of Varanasi lived a woman named Janaki Devi. She had a warm smile that could melt hearts. Janaki had endured her fair share of life's trials, but her resilience and deep-rooted spirituality guided her through the darkest storms. Seventeen years ago, Janaki faced a difficult decision that left a lasting impact on her life. She divorced her husband, realizing they were drifting apart with each passing day. Despite the societal pressure to endure a loveless marriage, Janaki found the strength to choose her happiness and that of her young daughter, Apoorva.

Apoorva - a confident and ambitious first-year college student, was the center of Janaki's universe. They lived together in a small rented house, their cozy sanctuary amidst the bustling city. Janaki cherished their simple life, finding joy in the shared moments of laughter and the aroma of incense that always filled their home.

Janaki's deep faith in the divine played a significant role in her life. She followed the teachings of her ancestors, performing daily rituals and praying with unwavering devotion. The unshakable connection to her spirituality lent her the strength to embrace life's uncertainties and find solace in her heartache.

Janaki worked diligently at a local matchmaking company. With a keen intuition and compassionate heart, she played the role of a matchmaker, helping clients seek their life partners based on compatibility beyond superficial preferences. Despite being a divorcee, her belief in the sanctity of marriage and the transformative power of love guided her work, and she took pride in facilitating meaningful connections.

One day, as Apoorva was getting ready for college, she left her phone unattended while she took a quick shower. The phone rings echoed through the small rented house, and Janaki, noticing the incoming call from an unknown phone number, picked it up. However, as she answered the call, her heart sank upon hearing vulgar and disrespectful words directed toward Apoorva.

Remaining calm and composed, Janaki quickly realized that - the caller was unaware; she had picked up the phone. She chose not to reveal her identity immediately, deciding to listen carefully to the voice on the other end. As the person continued to speak inappropriately, Janaki's motherly instincts kicked in, and her protective nature surged to the forefront. When the caller paused for a moment, Janaki decided to intervene. Her voice firm yet composed, she calmly stated that she was not Apoorva but her mother and asked the person for his identity.

Janaki hoped that her interruption would spook the man on the other end, but to her dismay, he seemed unfazed. Instead, he boldly attempted to flirt with Janaki - his voice laced with an unsettling confidence. When he introduced himself as Rashid Qadri, a chill ran down Janaki's spine, and her mind raced to recall where she had heard that name before.

Suddenly, it clicked – Rashid Qadri had been on the news recently due to his alleged involvement in a serious crime that had shocked the entire city. Janaki's heart sank as she realized the gravity of the situation. She knew she had to handle this delicate and potentially dangerous encounter - with utmost caution.

Rashid Qadri was a notorious figure in Varanasi's underbelly. His reputation as a ruthless and cunning criminal had made him a subject of fear and fascination among the locals. He had a dark history of engaging in illicit activities, from petty theft to more serious offenses that had landed him on the wrong side of the law multiple times. Rashid's brazen demeanor and lack of remorse had earned him a reputation - as someone not to be trifled with, and he wielded this reputation to his advantage, striking fear into the hearts of those who crossed his path.

Her maternal instincts roared within her, urging Janaki to protect her daughter at all costs. With nerves of steel and a heart filled with unwavering determination, she steeled herself for whatever lay ahead. Janaki knew that she would do anything to keep Apoorva safe, even if it meant facing the danger of Rashid Qadri head-on. Her resolve was unyielding, and she was ready to bear any harm that might come - to ensure her daughter remained out of Rashid's clutches. Janaki took a deep breath, drawing strength from her love for Apoorva, and vowed to confront this menacing presence, for she knew that a mother's love knew no bounds and would fiercely protect her child, no matter the cost.

Janaki had no idea what tumultuous paths lay ahead. The journey ahead would test her strength, challenge her beliefs, and lead her into uncharted territories of lechery. Her resolve and beautiful body were going to put to the ultimate test - to keep her daughter from going through the same.

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