Seven Lives

Arnav AR

January 25, 2023



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Disclaimer: Just a fantasy plot nothing related to mythology in tales or written anywhere.

'It's permanent loss kiddo, irreversible type, you can't bring him back again, so better move forward and don't go for shadows'

Again and again her father was trying to console her and pursue her to let it go about her stubbornness to get back the love of her life , her late husband, but she was adamant to get him back.

"Dad can you please give me location of Mahanand ( Nand ) uncle?"

Dad raising his eyebrow and his index finger to her , as he was presuming what was in her mind ' don't , just don't, I can sense what you are up to , I won't allow it , it's deadly dangerous '

" you can't stop me dad you know it , I will find him myself if you are not going tell me his address " she answered giving him a cold stare.

Dayanand , her dad sighed , he knows the stubbornness was a family thing and she won't stop . So he gave her the address of his elder brother who was living in isolation but only some people knows about his real power , of others he was simple saint always busy in meditation. Same day Uma started her journey from Mumbai to Varanasi .

Uma and Sameer were lovers since ages , it's started when then were in school , then it's goes on and they become spouse after settling up in their lives . They can't imagine their life without each other , it was after 2 yrs of marriage when pregnent Uma fell from stairs and had a miscarriage, hearing that Sameer who was in his office , rushed to hospital and in that chaos he had an accident and died on the spot .

It took 4 months for Uma to become normal and came out of trance , and now she was on journey to reclaim her love .

She tried hard to convince her uncle to help her who was living in Harishchandra Ghat ( shamsan ghat) in Varanasi, he use to meditate 18 hours a day , very less talking , avoid meeting peoples unnecessarily. Finally seeing her obsession for her love he agreed to help her.

One night sitting near a burning pyre he started detailing her

‘what's gone can't be bought back, you have to go to him but it will be for very short time, don't interrupt just listen first.

In hindu mythology we believe in 7 lives of human , as they believe that in all 7 lives we get the same life partner. But my research says we get many lives in which we get same person who is too close to us 7 times.

Means he or she could be spouse or family maybe close or distant , close frd or teacher or boss or even enemy but somehow close, anyone , but too close then other persons.

Second thing is time , it could be 5000 years back to 5000 years future , I can't tell this was your 7th life with him or first so you will have to face all the advantages and consequences.

In each life you will get 108 days according to Kal-Chakra of time travel with him, then your soul will leave that time zone . If you get dead anyhow before 108 days then soul will move to other time zone automatically . What you will have with your soul is your memories of this life in each time zone nothing else , the one you lived will be erased after going to other.

I will preserve your body for next 642 days , don't try to do anymore magical or high rated spiritual like this one , things else you will be stucked in one timezone and won't be back .

Now your turn, I am ready for your questions , I am not giving your full details of this spiritual Magic , the less you know the better '

Nand uncle stopped , he wanted to see how she is taking it , whether she will be able to handle it or not.

Uma " just 642 day ? Ok I can live with that , but how I will manage ? How I will get connected with him "

Nand ' not a hard task as your soul will enter in that body of that specific timezone you will get access to all the memories of that timezone too . Rest if you are worried about his behavior it maybe good or bad , but you know his soul and that's the only way to connect with him . '

Uma ' hmm that means , language , behavior , relationship will not be a problem just I have to go with the flow , and work on intimacy ?"

Nand ' right, just be yourself don't rush on things , you can't change the past but you can manipulate the future a bit so use your brain .'

Uma "when we can start ?"

Nand ' not here , can't preserve a body for 2 years here , we have to move to Himalayas, -20° there you will be safe by all means.

'Next day they were on journey to Jammu to reach a special place in Himalaya. Nand was thinking that when Uma will be back he will transfer all his knowledge to her , what he didn't guessed that Uma was on , no come back mission.

Would love to discuss this since the play could be in multiple parts

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