Surrogate Revamped

Kabir Singh

June 4, 2022

Age Gap, Interfaith


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If you haven't read the first draft of my post, "Surrogate."

Surrogate Original Post

I would highly recommend you to go through it first.

So we've got our characters; I would commence this post with a quick annotation. It's safe to say that Tridha's character is replaceable by a school girl, a working woman, or a homemaker. With some mutations to the source material. For the sake of Novelty, I'm going to use a new female character with a similar overture to that of Tridha.

Suhani was twenty-one when she met Umar for the first time during the second year of her college. Her home was at the city's periphery. She would travel mostly with her father, or else she'd resort to Umar's auto. Over a couple of years, Umar grows on her.

On the night of Suhani's farewell celebration at college, she told her parents that she would be back home with her female friends so they won't worry even if she took too long. But at the final moment, she decides to call Umar rather than her father, and shit happens. Umar hurt her real bad, physically and more so emotionally.

One and a half years later, Suhani gets wedded to a small electric shop owner named Ramesh from the city. She wanted to pursue post-graduation, but her parents didn't allow it. Even to this day, the farewell night incident haunts her at night. At night she would feel Umar going in, raw and thick, only to wake up and find herself pursy and perspiring. Ramesh was concerned, but she would always shrug it off, excusing it as a nightmare.

Soon after the marriage, lovemaking became more frequent. Every night Suhani thought of only one thing she wanted to forget the most, whenever she had to spread her legs for her dear husband. She discovers what it feels like to be ungratified. She meditates on how her life would have been if Ramesh were more like Umar. She ruminates if the rupture with Umar was a mistake, could it still be healed.

Three months later, when she comes back to her parent's place to relax and prepare for her upcoming entrance exam. Suhani calls Umar hoping that he still has the same contact number. Umar picked up her call after the eight rings.

"Hello," He speaks on the other end.

Umar doesn't recognize the number. Ramesh got her a new SIM card as he has a mobile shop of his own. His voice was deep and warped cause his mouth was full of Paan Masala. Suhani could hear the wind blowing against the mic of the phone. Umar must be driving, she deduced and disconnected the call.

That's pretty much it for the preface, although the reason why I chose to revamp the original is something that I've not shared yet.

Ultimately Suhani meets with Umar; they talk their differences out. She expresses her need to be loved the right way and proposes to him an arrangement. She wanted to go out with him, roam around the city, and spend time with Umar in private. But now that she was a well-known face to two families and their relatives in the same town. It was inconceivable to go around the city with the same Auto Driver and go unnoticed.

Just spending time with Umar in private and being exploited physically was never the only goal in Suhani's mind. She needed a romantic relationship. After deliberating Suhani's proposal, Umar comes up with an idea. He tells Suhani that everything she wants is possible without the risk of being caught. All Suhani would've to do was put on a Burqa every time they wanted to go out in public.

I hope you got the drift.

To be continued in private...

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