The Delictuous Dalliance

Kabir Singh

February 19, 2023

Interfaith, Age Gap


The Delictuous Dalliance's feature image

Iqbal Qaadri was a man of wealth and influence. He had built his empire in the construction industry, but that was only part of his story. There was a darker side to Iqbal. He was involved in the illegal drug trade. He controlled a large portion of the market in the country and was known for his savagery in the underworld.

Iqbal Qaadri was a charismatic and charming man. He knew how to read people and was skilled at manipulating them. He could be kind and generous to those who served his interests, but he was also willing to use force when necessary. Iqbal's sense of pride and honor in his work was a driving force behind his ambition.

During one of his construction deals, Iqbal Qaadri crossed paths with Saanvi Kashyap, a reporter for a well-known news channel. She had taken an interest in his business dealings and was eager to secure an interview with him, given his recent entry into the top ten of the country's wealthiest individuals. Forbes had even speculated that Iqbal could be the richest person in the country, owing to his illegal fortune.

Saanvi was a striking woman in her early thirties, with an unmistakable intelligence shining through her captivating gaze. As a tenacious journalist, she had built a reputation for herself by fearlessly exposing corruption and wrongdoing among the country's elite circles.

Recently, Forbes' report put Iqbal Qaadri in her sights. Determined to uncover the truth behind his business empire, Saanvi had thrown herself into investigating Iqbal's dealings. She spent long hours poring over documents, analyzing financial reports, and digging deep into the inner workings of his companies.

As she delved deeper into the investigation, she found herself drawn to Iqbal in a way she hadn't anticipated. She couldn't help but admire his business acumen, sharp mind, and unwavering determination to succeed. Saanvi reminded herself that she was a journalist first and foremost. Her duty was to uncover the truth, no matter where it led. And if Iqbal's business practices were unethical, she would expose them, no matter what.

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