The Foreboding

Kabir Singh

May 20, 2022

Incest, Age Gap


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Vaishali was a host of a reality TV show. She had been part of a few movies, web series, and TV shows. Her career had been stagnant for quite some years now. Vaishali got into the industry when she was twenty-nine years old, and now she is in her late forties.

The TV show Vaishali hosted was about sensationalizing feminism. One could even say it was about pseudo-feminism. The show revolved around mature women who were either separated, divorced, or single. The concept was to invite attractive women to the show. Vaishali would interact with them during the show, asking about all the struggles they had to face throughout their life to sustain a stable lifestyle. Young aspiring females would watch the show to get inspiration and young males to see their favorite MILF asking bold questions.

The show wasn't popular, but it was doing well to keep going on. Things took a U-turn when the TRP of the show skyrockets when a picture of Vaishali canoodling someone half her age gets viral on social media. The photo was from a restaurant and not from within a bedroom. The face of the boy wasn't visible in the two viral images.

During the show, one of the guest ladies asked Vaishali about the truth behind these images. Vaishali wasn't used to or prepared to accept a question cause it's usually the other way around.

"I love him," Vaishali responded promptly without any consideration.

Being part of the controversy was a newfound experience for her. She was gaining followers on social media in thousands every day. People from the industry who'd never talked to her were now calling her. She received way too many new project offers. The show's team and producer were delighted to raise her paycheck. All of it had gone into her head, and she wasn't thinking straight.

Very few people know the truth about it. The young lad in the pictures was the illegitimate son of Vaishali she'd kept secret from the entire world. The lad was still in college and living in oblivion at a boys' hostel. While the mother and son duo were in between their routine visit, someone at the restaurant had recognized her and clicked a few pictures.

Vaishali loved Kabir a lot. Ergo she never lied on the show about her relationship with him. She had no foreboding that she had sown the seeds of lust in her child.

To be continued...

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