The Hootch Contingency

Kabir Singh

December 27, 2021

Age Gap, Incest


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I came back home from a friend's sister's wedding with a bottle of thumbs up. I don't drink often. But don't refrain on occasions either. It was one such occasion. I quaffed one-quarter of the bottle but still had another quarter to go. I mixed it with a cold drink and brought it home to consume it later that night when I got the chance.

I sneaked into the house without my mother detecting. I hid it in the wardrobe underneath my t-shirts. I waited until mother was sound asleep. Even though it was winter, I liked my drinks to be gelid. So I put the bottle inside the refrigerator and went back to my bedroom. The effects of the first quarter had diminished by now. I was eagerly waiting for another round of shenanigans. That's when my stomach complained.

I went to the bathroom to offer relief to my upset stomach. I shouldn't have eaten the Chow Mein so much, I thought. I stayed inside the bathroom for about ten minutes and pulled up my pants once I felt satisfied enough to do so.

After waiting for another fifteen minutes, I bee-lined for the kitchen. To my surprise, mother was standing there with the bottle in her hands. The bottle was half empty; she turned her head around and looked at me

“Ummm, how come you're still awake, Mother?” I was horrified.

“Having a severe headache, baby. I hope you don't mind.” She stated, shaking the bottle slightly and

chugging down another gulp.

“Yeah, sure. Mother, no problem” I feigned a smile. She didn't know.

“Thank you.” She mumbled and continued, “You want some?”

“No, I was here just for the water.” I had started praying already.

“Here,” She extended me a bottle of water which I took from her.

I swigged a few gulps and then offered the bottle back to her.

“Good night, mother,” I smile briefly.

“Good night, baby,” She beamed back.

I returned to my bed and imagined what would happen the next day? She might not have noticed the taste, but she'd certainly feel the effects soon. My master plan has failed and, there's no fixing it. What is the worse thing that could happen? She would ground me for weeks, maybe months? I was going to have a sleepless night for sure.

“Hey, baby…” Mother slurs.

Mother was holding my bedroom door open with a wide grin on her face looking at me like a child looking at one of those chocolates.

“Yes, Mother.” My heart started neighing like a racehorse.

“Had you mixed something with the cold drink?” She slurs and enters.

“Uh, No.” I blurt out, “Why do you think so, mother?”

She started giggling and, all of a sudden stopped. She was struggling with her senses already. She takes a deep breath in and comes closer.

“Don't lie to me, baby.” She bursts into laughter again and then stops. “I'm your mother, ain't I?” She gives her best to sound damn serious.

“I, ah, I am not lieing mother.” I said in defensive mode.

“Shut up. Do you think I'm a fool, Kabir?” She growls.

“No, Mother. I don't…” I got interjected.

“Shhhh… let's play a game tonight,” She grins, yet again.

Her grin was even broader than the last one.

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