The Profligate Comments

Kabir Singh

February 22, 2022

Age Gap, Incest


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I was thirteen years old when I created an Instagram account for my mother. Sometimes it's hard to believe how dumb our parents can be when it comes down to using new technologies. At that time, I had no idea where this little Instagram account would lead us to. Mother followed me the next day, but I didn't follow back. I was not interested in checking her pictures or stories at all.


One night I was going through one of those adult websites hunting for Indian content to capitalize on them. That's when I came across a user on the site. The user was named “your_favorite_butt_sl_t”. The name itself was very intriguing to me. I played one of those videos.

The video was shot in a bathroom. I couldn't make any mistake, but the tiles in the video's background looked familiar, the entire bathroom looked familiar. The woman in the videos was my biological mother. I felt myriads of emotions flooding me at once. My brain couldn't tell which of the feeling was the strongest. My body, on the other hand, exactly knew the winner.

I was twenty seconds into the video already. My hand was working feverishly on my third leg. After a very long time, I felt like I was not doing it just out of habit, but I was turned on. AF.

Once I finished, I started thinking critically about the content she was putting out there. It was sloppy for sure. I can understand how difficult it could be to record everything on your own, that too just inside a small bathroom. The bathroom was all the same in every video.

I scroll down to comment sections and read what people had to say about her. Absurdly depraved comments were littered all over the comment section. Some of those comments were so creative and screwed up; even I got shocked. All the lewd comments had at least one heart reaction on them; some of them even got a response back from my mother.

“Hey, everyone. Indian MILF here. I would love to know your thoughts about me and the sort of stuff you'd like to try with me. Do check out my videos, and don't forget to leave a comment.” That's what the mother's about section said.

Could it be as simple as that? Does my mother have a kink for receiving profligate comments from random people? Does she touch herself every night when going through all the compliments? Is that it, or there's more to the story than it seems?

I needed answers to all the questions in my head. I wasn't sure how am I ever going to get the truth out of her. But, Indeed, she was in dire need of a cameraman.

“I've some ideas that you should try on your videos. But you'd need someone else to handle the camera for those. I wish we could talk a little more about it. XoXo.” I left a comment on her latest video and dozed off.

That's one of the ways this could take place. The underlying idea of this post is a woman who has a fetish for receiving comments from strangers. The woman could be a mother, a sister, a wife, or someone else.

Hit me up if you find the idea stimulating.

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