The Substitute Passage

Kabir Singh

May 28, 2022

Age Gap


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Once upon a time, in a village, there lived a man. The man was known as Thakur Sahab among the villagers. Thakur was filthy rich and an infamous lothario from a very young age. When he was merely twenty years old, one woman from the village lodged an FIR against him for the charges of non-consensual intimacy. Thakur's father was still the filthy rich back then. The father made sure that Thakur won't have to go to jail. Instead, the family of that woman had to leave the village. That's how Thakurs would deal with their problems.

Due to the incident, no one from the neighboring village wanted to marry off their daughter to Thakur. Albeit, at the age of 32, he got married to a chubby illiterate woman. One year later, Thakur's father passed away, and six-year later, even his wife. He had lost his mother when he was seven years of age. Now there's no one alive except Thakur himself in his family.

Thakur and his ancestors were big-time money lenders of the village. They used to lend money at an interest rate from 25 to 30%. When someone failed to pay up, they'd have to work for the Thakur family for a paltry sum and even sell properties to Thakurs at times. At times women of the family would work at Thakur's palace. And he would abuse them extensively, except for one thing. He would never touch their posterior, won't even look at them either. The women from the village had such a disgusting nether passage that it would haunt him in his dreams. He made up his mind that he would never resort to sodomy. He firmly believed that he was incapable of it.

Eight years after Thakur's wife's death, he learns about a ravishing colleen from the village. Her name was Nandini, and she had just turned eighteen. She had come home after 12 years and lived with her mother's sister in a small town for her schooling. Thakur visited her home when he heard of her beauty and elegant character. Nandini's father was a full-time drunkard, part-time peasant & gambler. Govardhan, Nandini's father, also owned Thakur a lot of money, and Thakur made a deal with him. After all, Thakur had to continue his lineage with someone.

Eighth days after the marriage, Nandini was enceinte. Over the next six months, Nandini fell for Thakur. Although Thakur's love was for his infant in her womb. Nandini's belly bump grew prominent, and so did the child. Thakur makes a decision to stop penetrating her coochie. He goes back to his old ways for his satisfaction and starts having it with maid Malti.

Nandini would wake up at night and find Thakur missing. She'd walk up to the kitchen holding her belly bump only to see her husband being the beast with someone else. She knew well that someone of his size would put the fetus at risk. It left her only with one option. Her substitute passage. Even if she convinces herself of it, how can she persuade Thakur of it?

Let's figure it out in private.

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