The Veiny Instrument

Kabir Singh

August 29, 2022

Age Gap, Interfaith


The Veiny Instrument's feature image

Anuradha was on a video call with her mother on google meet. She was a fledgling to technology and knew very little about the features all the twenty-first-century devices had to offer. The chat with her mother was over fairly quickly.

Anuradha's mother had asked her to share some pictures with her. She had those pictures in her google drive that was put there by her daughter Arushi. She had no idea how to retrieve those pictures, let alone forward them to her mother, but she also knew that asking technical questions to Arushi caused her irritation. Ergo, Anuradha decides to try this out on her own to avoid bothering Arushi.

She opened a new tab on the chrome browser, searched "Google Drive," and clicked on the first link. She had no idea this one click would open Pandora's box for her. The logged-in account was of Arushi. It was her laptop. The first picture that grabbed Anuradha's attention was that of a schlong. It was colosal and veiny.

'Arushi must've downloaded it from the internet. Oh god.' She wonders.

Arushi was merely sixteen years old and the only child of Anuradha. Anuradha was in her early forties and had a simple life with her husband, Mukesh, and Arushi. Anuradha was appalled at what she saw, but her mind was blank. She was not the kind of mother who would rebuke their child. She is one of those women who blame themselves if their child does something wrong.

She scrolls further down; the new image shocked her yet again. The schlong wasn't some random image downloaded from the internet. Arushi was in the picture lying on a bed without a single piece of clothing on her body; some male had clicked a photograph with his veiny instrument and a limber frame of Arushi in the same frame.

Right under that image was a thumbnail of a video. Anuradha thought of playing the video, but she couldn't. She closed the browser tab and left the room of Arushi, who was busy on a phone call talking with god knows who on the balcony.

To be continued...

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