Kabir Singh

June 17, 2022

Cheating Wife, Interfaith


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Mohan and Moni Thapar were a middle-aged couple. They both lead hectic day-to-day upper-middle-class lives away from each other, which took away from their ability to spend time together. They decided to move from the town following their son's arrival into their lives. They were genuinely in love even after 11 years of marriage. Mohan was a Bank manager and got recently promoted to this post. Moni was concerned with the domestic end of their relationship, and she got complacent to the point of boredom. Moni often occasionally commutes into town when her son is at school.

On one of these trips, the sky was tar-black. People ran for cover outside as the clouds were about to spit out their beads of water. Moni ran into young Khaleel and fell and scraped her knee. Khaleel invited her to his apartment for a band-aid. She was about to decline when she got the first splatter of the rain. Before she could say a word Khaleel holding her hand, took her to his apartment. Puddles began plinking as the rainfall now became heavier.

Khaleel was a twenty-four-year-old Muslim guy with a tragic life. He grew up in an orphanage and never knew his parents. From a very young age, he had to take on a lot of responsibilities himself. Khaleel sold tea and water bottles at Railway Station while growing up. He learned how to read and write but never really went to any educational institution. Unable to get an academic certificate. Over time, he got obsessed with books and the arts. That's how he ends up working as a librarian who often paints.

Khaleel has a small apartment close to the library in town. His apartment has paintings, books, and a lot of brittle artifacts all over the place. Reading so much all the kinds of books and being responsible from a very young age has given him an aura of maturity. He looks at least five years older than his age and knows his way around the females.

That day when he brought Moni into his apartment. Deftly, he initiated the conversation about books. Before her departure, he gave one to her as a gift. The book was called The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. Khaleel had written his phone number on the bookmark, which Moni wasn't aware of until later.

The next day Moni was leafing through the pages when she found the bookmark and the number scribbled on it. Although not looking for anything outside of her marriage, Moni finds that she can't stop thinking about Khaleel. She was looking for and receiving validation of the strength of her marriage to and from Mohan.

She recalls the vibe from the time spent with Khaleel. Moni knew his intentions very clearly. She picks up her phone and stares at the dial pad feeling constant guilt and excitement.

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