Kabir Singh

September 1, 2020



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I was shaking my right leg out of anxiety. Sitting on a small-sized bed, only meant to bear the weight of a single average human being. It was a small hotel room I had booked for one night. There's only one bedroom with attached facilities.

Finally, after two years of consistent role-playing, we were going to meet. I unlocked my phone and glanced at her last reply. It was received seven minutes ago. She should've been here by now, I thought. Mildly concerned.

Someone knocks on the door. I stand up, reach for the door but freeze, shut my eyes, take a deep breath in, only then I open the door. There she was, standing right in front of me covered under her Burkha, even her eyes. I wasn't aware of her outfit so it was a surprise and a turn on since I had some interfaith fetishes.

“Kabir?” She mumbles, looking into me through her veil.

I nodded and moved aside, she stepped in, I shut the door. I turn around, and she is standing by the wall staring in my direction awaiting further guidance. It made me feel high-strung because I've never met someone from social media for real.

“After you…” I gesticulated towards the bed.

She obliged and I join her right by her side. None of us uttered another word for the next minute. We keep looking at each other sneakily, I smile and only the god knows her expressions under her Burkha.

“I've only one hour,” She broke the silence with a whisper.

“Oh, but… but I thought you were going to stay the night, you said in your text… Ah, didn't you?” I panicked as if she would leave any minute now.

“Please, my husband will get suspicious.” Her sweet melodious voice was had a soothing effect on me. I gained back my composure.

“Okay,” I gulped, “We should start then.” I extend my hand aiming to unveil her face, but she grabbed my hand midway with both her hands.

“Please don't… Kabir, don't remove my Burkha… I am not ready… yet, I'll remove everything else for you but please… don't force me to take it off.” She pleaded.

“Okay,” I nod and attempt to smile.

She holds the hem of the veil on her face and swings her hands past her head, and I could see her beautiful eyes. Her eyes were black, but not the shade that's easy to describe. It was almost like they were both black and brown with blue creeping in around the edges as if it were trying to take over. She blinked, and the beauty was momentarily covered by the shield of her eyelashes; naturally long and soft looking – feminine. By the time her eyes opened again, I had still not recovered from her intense stare. It was a stare that communicated her lust for me and conveyed her determination to submit herself.

“That's best I can do,” She mumbles breaking my chain of thoughts. The rest of her face except for her eyes and lower portion of her forehead was still covered under another layer of a veil.

“Okay, alright… I, I just… Thank you!!” I try to come up with a compliment but I failed miserably. Looking into her beautiful eyes and I could tell she was smiling back at me.

I was wondering if she'd let me kiss her because it won't be a kiss unless she takes off her yashmak. I was still busy in my thoughts when she stood up, goes down on her knees right amid my legs. I stare at her, speechless. Well, someone had to start. She puts both her hands on my thighs and I squirm. She looks up at me, demanding cooperation. I undo my jeans and drag it down until my knees. I tugged my thumbs under the strap of my underwear it was only then I realized if she will not reveal her face how on this earth she is going to blow me? I thought maybe I should say something, but then I didn't and I yanked it down. The massive serpent sprang out. She gasped and clasped it instantaneously. I gasp.

“When you sent me the pictures, I thought it couldn't be real.” She started moving the foreskin back and forth.

“Ah,” I shut my eyes, “Do you like it?” I grunt.

“Yes, I do. A lot.” She responded.

Right after that she leaned in and touched the head of the serpent on both her eyes tenderly. She'd done nothing like that over chat. I like that.

“Kabir, promise me you won't force it, no deep throating for you today.” She looked up.

I nodded rhapsodically.

She moved closer, dragging her knees on the floor. Then, she bends down my erect serpent, like a lever, and her face moves forward right on top of it. She molds it up again and I feel her facial skin caressing my bare serpent head. Her yashmak was still on, and yet she'd got the serpent under it. Well played. She looks up at me with her eyes and squeezes my girth and I feel a flick of her tongue right on top.

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