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Kabir Singh

January 27, 2024

Interfaith, Age Gap


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Sneha Bhargav is a 22-year-old Brahmin girl from a small town in Maharashtra. After graduation - Sneha was ready to embark on a new chapter in her academic journey by pursuing her post-graduation in New Delhi. She is the eldest among her siblings and shares a unique family dynamic. Raised in a Brahmin household, she is deeply rooted in her cultural values and traditions. Her family is blessed with three younger brothers, forming a tight-knit bond beyond the ordinary. What sets their family structure apart is the intriguing age gap between Sneha and her siblings. She welcomed her first younger brother when she was 8 years old, and in the following years, her family expanded with two more brothers arriving consecutively.

Physically, Sneha is a petite and studious young woman. Her grandmother's influence is evident in her delicate frame, a trait passed down through generations. While she shares this physical resemblance with her grandmother, her mother bears a similar facial likeness but possesses a more robust and healthy physique - characterized by a touch of cherubic charm.

The atmosphere of Sneha's seemingly idyllic family harbors an underlying tension that adds a layer of complexity to her upbringing. Growing up, she often found herself caught in the crossfire of her parents' tumultuous arguments, with her father frequently initiating the conflicts. These clashes, marked by a mysterious and distressing nature, cast a shadow over the familial harmony that one might expect.

What sets these arguments apart is the unsettling claim made by Sneha's father – a claim that shakes the very foundation of their family dynamics. He asserts, in heated moments, that the three younger brothers of Sneha are not his biological children. These accusations, implying illegitimacy, create an atmosphere of confusion and distress within the household.

Sneha becomes an inadvertent witness to these unsettling revelations. The weight of her father's words hangs heavily over the family, introducing an element of mystery and tension that she grapples with in silence. The accusations disrupted the semblance of a happy family and sowed seeds of doubt and uncertainty within the understanding of her own kin.

Her mother, the subject of these grave allegations, bears the brunt of these accusations, responding to them with a mixture of sorrow and indignation. The enigmatic nature of her father's claims adds an extra layer of complexity to the family's dynamics, leaving Sneha torn between her loyalty to her mother and the disturbing revelations presented by her father.

Sneha Bhargav's life took an unexpected turn when, while using Facebook one day, she stumbled upon a suggested friend with a familiar name – Maajid Ali Farooq. The name triggered a distant memory in her mind, a feeling that she had encountered this name before, but the details remained elusive. She clicked on the profile and was confronted with a picture of an elderly Muslim man in his mid-fifties. Strangely, a chill ran down her spine as she noticed an uncanny resemblance between him and all her younger brothers.

A sudden realization struck Sneha – Maajid Ali Farooq. A familiar figure from their past. He was their neighbor during Sneha's childhood, precisely around the time - her mother conceived her brothers. All the pieces fell into place, forming a disconcerting image in Sneha's mind. It seemed that she had stumbled upon the man who might have played a pivotal role in the fractures within her family.

Driven by a mix of fear and determination, Sneha decided to confront her mother about this revelation indirectly. She cautiously broached the subject on a phone call, mentioning the Muslim uncle from their old neighborhood. However, her mother's immediate and vehement rebuke caught her off guard. In no uncertain terms, her mother warned her never to utter that man's name in front of her or her father, shutting down any attempt - to discuss the matter.

This stern response fueled Sneha's curiosity even more. The denial and secrecy surrounding the mysterious man from their past only intensified her desire to unravel the truth behind the family's turmoil. She was more determined to discover what exactly transpired during those years. Her mind swirled with confusion and curiosity, a strange mix of emotions that lingered after her unsettling conversation with her mother. Unable to shake off the perplexity surrounding Maajid Ali Farooq and the secrets veiled in her family's past, she found herself compelled by an inexplicable force.

In a moment of spontaneous decision, Sneha's fingers moved with uncertainty as she sent Maajid a friend request on Facebook. It was a leap into the unknown, a subtle act of reaching out to someone who held the potential to unravel the mysteries her mother was vehemently keeping at bay. Sneha harbored a faint hope that perhaps Maajid would provide the answers she sought, filling the gaps in her understanding that her family had chosen to keep concealed.

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