Face Claims

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Aanchal Munjal

26 years old

Aanchal Munjal's feature image

Hania Aamir

26 years old

Hania Aamir's feature image

Hiba Nawab

27 years old

Hiba Nawab's feature image

Anshika Ranganath

27 years old

Anshika Ranganath's feature image

Rasmika Mandana

27 years old

Rasmika Mandana's feature image

Anupama Parmeswaran

27 years old

Anupama Parmeswaran's feature image

Shivali Rijhwani

27 years old

Shivali Rijhwani's feature image

Nabha Natesh

27 years old

Nabha Natesh's feature image

Sidhika Sharma

28 years old

Sidhika Sharma's feature image