Battle Sacrifice

Madhavi Roy

October 30, 2022

Incest, Historical


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Maharaja Samar Dev: Maharaj of Tamrlipti, heir of the dynasty of the Sun

Princess Madhavi: Daughter of Maharaja Samar Dev, 18, 32-26-34, fair skin, long hair

"Maharaj, with the deepest regret, I have to inform you that our Senapati (Commander-in-Chief) Shakya has fallen". The messenger read out the subject of his message.

The entire courtroom fell silent. Maharaj Samar Dev sat in his throne, listenning to the details in the message but his mind was barely focussed. The last of their Commanders had attained the end of his life in the battlefield, a glorious end indeed. The atmosphere of the courtroom grew heavier in gloom as the messenger described how the Malsi's had annihilated his troops, and now were about to storm into the Capital.

"We are at the last stand, Maharaj. Only the Gate of Chandika remains". One of the soldiers accompanying the messenger stated. His condition was no better. Pus had started rolling down his wounds, and his right leg had to be amputated. There was no other way to stop the poison from spreading throughout the body. "If they manage to break through the defense.."

Maharaj Samar knew the consequences.

Malsi's were the inhabitants of the far north. War was their way of life, and capturing others' lands was their way of survival. They were savage warriors, without a hint of mercy. Rumors said that they bathed in the blood of their preys, in the belief that it made them stronger. And with their new leader Vikata, their aggression had reached its peak. They had already captured a major portion of Magadha and a part of Kalinga, and were on their way to Vanga through the path of Tamralipti.

Maharaj Samar had stood out to challenge their advance, in order to protect his kingdom much to the amazement of the other rulers.

The ruler of Vanga had already prepared for surrender. And the only ray of hope Maharaja Samar Dev had was from Kamarupa; that still would take two days to arrive.

The Maharaja took a look at his courtroom. There was silence all around. The ministers had started to lose hope. Everyone had lines of worries prominent on their forehead. With the Commander gone, who would take the reign of leadership?

"Fine, I will fight". Samar Dev rose from his throne. "Prepare my armor and weapons. Get my horse out of my stable. We head out tomorrow as the Sun rises". The entire courtroom looked up at the ruler. Their faces slowly began to light up. Even though Tamralipti was a port city mostly dealing with trade, the Maharaj never let his honor or his defense let low. His firm belief in the capability of himself and his citizens, and his generate support on the development of science, art and culture was well known even in the neighbouring kingdoms.

"Long live Maharaj Samar Dev! May Lord Rudra bless us with victory!" the entire court room filled up with the chants of glory.

As Maharaj Samar Dev retired back to his room, trying not to show but his heart clearly fluttering inside his chest, his beloved daughter Madhavi walked up to him.


"Yes, dear?" As Samar Dev looked in her eyes, he immediately felt a knot of guilt. Her eyes were filled with tears of insult.

Her lips were puckered in an angry pout. "Am I that incapable, father to fight before you?"

Samar Dev's heart slumped. The doting father inside him would never even think of letting her into the battlefield. "Madhu, look.."

"Father, I have proved myself capable to handle a fight. Then why?"

And that she had. Since the age of 6, Madhavi had been learning the art of Yuddhashastra, the art of warfare and self defense. She was agile, supple, and at the age of 18, she could now hold herself against an armed fighter.

The praise of her skills and beauty had reached many of the kingdoms, and her Swayamvar (Ceremony to choose life partner) was only a few months due. How could he let his daughter jump into the battlefield?

"Madhu, I am quite sure that you will do fine in battle. But you are still too young. It is not the time you walk into a battle without any experience. We are just not ready".

"But father, is it not the perfect opportunity to test my skills?" Madhu argued back. "Is it not the direst of the situations that the best of one's capability shines out?"

Maharaj was about to counter her point, when a sound of laughter startled them both. Samar Dev had totally forgotten that he had requested Rishi Pushana into his room for advise. Rishi Pushana was the Kulaguru, and the advisor of the royal family. In spite of the age, his body was stout and his face glowed in the light of knowledge. His fame of wisdom was well known, and everybody respected him. Even with all the fame, Rishi Pushana was humble, and full of love and care for the princess.

"So, she beat you to silence". Rishi chuckled as he walked in. "Forgive me, your majesty. I could not hold myself from hearing a part of your conversation".

"Rishi Pushana," Samar Dev folded his hands and bowed in respect. "I understand and honour her will, but I cannot let her fight those barbaric rakshasas. And you know that. She is the last of our dynasty. The lineage that has been originated from the Sun Himself, do you think it is the time I let it end? Humiliated and trodden under the foot of some savages?"

"That is why I am here". The wise Rishi nodded. "Madhavi dear, I understand your love for the kingdom. And your passion to protect the city. But dear, your duty is beyond that of a fighter or ruler!"

Both the father and daughter stared at the wise soul curious. No idea what is in his mind.

"I bear this prophecy your majesty, that your dynasty shall rise again. But that is in the hands of our beloved princess. For she shall bear the strong warrior who will snatch the kingdom back. I had the liberty to already make the preparations of the Yajna your majesty, and I only need your permission and the presence of the Princess".

Maharaja Samar Dev stood astounded for a few moments. The prophecy of his failure kept stinging him on the back of his head, but the fact that his bloodline shall not perish brought some warmth to his torn heart. He managed to force a small smile, and nodded. "You have my permission, Rishi Pushana. Let Lord Rudra bestow his will, and a son".

The Princess however, did not move. "But who will be the father, Rishi Pushana?" She enquired.

"I will have any of the Devas that you seek. I have this knowledge gained from my Guru, which has been passed on through generations since the Dwapara era. Whom do you seek, my child?"

"If that be so", Princess Madhavi spoke up. "I want Him who is above Gods. I want my father".

Both the Maharaja and the Rishi were dumbfounded. What did she just say?

"Madhu.." Samar Dev struggled to speak. "What do you.."

"Isn't it our own Shastras that say that Father is higher in position than the heaven and greater than all Gods? So, why not? If I am to carry on the lineage, it is upto me to keep it pure. And I exercise every right to choose who I want to be with, don't I?"

"But Madhu, why not any prince or any other ruler?"

"Father, there is no way any of the King or Prince arrives the kingdom tomorrow. And it is the last night before war". Tears rolled down her cheeks as she spoke. "So please Father, will you..?"

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