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The Captivity

#nsfw, #fiction, #bdsm

The Ramchandra Series. Approved reading by the captive. On the warm afternoons she liked to lay n*ked on her bed, covered only in a thin sheet, reading novels. It was, as was promised to her, a life of captivity. She was confined in the giant hall, no clothes or footwear. No money. No keys. Her nudity was her leash.

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Bound In Desires

#nsfw, #bdsm, #mindGames

’When I regained consciousness, I found myself deep into darkness. Deep-cave dark. Associated with a soft rumbling noise. The air was damp, dry. But clean. 'Where am I?' I wondered. I was lying on my side, curled up; knees pressed against my busts. Faintly, I tried moving my fingers and toes, relieved to find I could move them freely with no pain. With the exception of light drowsiness, everything seemed more or less normal. Almost normal.’

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A Wedding Affair

#nsfw, #wedding

’"PING!" The notification was barely audible amidst the chants going on at the holy pyre. Rishabh frowned in mild irritation as he reached for his sherwani pocket. 'Should have put it in the silent' he muttered to himself as he cast an apologising look at the irritated Panditji.’

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An Appointment In Bounds

#nsfw, #mindControl, #bdsm

’The lady who entered the chamber just now ought to be complimented for her punctuality. Yesterday when she had dialed up for appointment she was pretty hesitant about a session. But as soon as the first bell of 9 o' clock rang, the ring on the door revealed Miss Aparna Ghosh at the entrance. Clad in a black chanel bodycon reaching down to her knees and carrying one of those leather briefcases that lawyers carry, she radiated the class of her blue collar job.’

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Battle Sacrifice

#nsfw, #medieval

’"Maharaj, with the deepest regret, I have to inform you that our Senapati (Commander-in-Chief) Shakya has fallen". The messenger read out the subject of his message.’

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Gamble of the Night

#nsfw, #gambling, #lesbian

’"Splendid". Sania pressed the tip of her glass against her lip and took a small sip of piña colada. The sun had started to sink beyond the horizon, leaving the sky above the Arabian sea a shade of scarlet and saffron. "Inn'it gorgeous?" the waitress whispered in her broken accent as she bent closer to Sania's beach chair.’

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