Bound In Desires

Madhavi Roy

November 22, 2022



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When I regained consciousness, I found myself deep into darkness. Deep-cave dark. Associated with a soft rumbling noise. The air was damp, dry. But clean.

'Where am I?' I wondered.

I was lying on my side, curled up; knees pressed against my busts. Faintly, I tried moving my fingers and toes, relieved to find I could move them freely with no pain. With the exception of light drowsiness, everything seemed more or less normal.

Almost normal.

I realised I was lying on a rubber mat, a new one for sure. For dust had not started nibbling on my skin yet. Stranger still, I could feel the smooth rubber sheet in direct contact with my bare flesh.. shoulder, arm, butt, thigh, calf.

Am I naked?

Puzzled, I tried running my hands over my body. That is when I realised, my forearms were tied together. The tying was elaborate; it ran from my elbows and ended right before my wrists. My sudden movement set the roughness of the rope against my skin. Confused, I tried to move my knees. Only to discover them in the same fate.

'Where are my clothes?' I gasped. My breaths were loud enough to be audible to me, louder than the rumbling coming from around me.

In the darkness, the cobwebs started to lift, and I started having flashes of memory. Memories of myself, sitting across a person clad in a suit. Silhouette Long hair against the background bulb. The taste of wine against my taste buds. The gaze.. oh my.

Even in the haziness of my stupor, the gaze flashed right across my memory, setting goosebumps once again.

The images came faster.. now I could recall the smooth voice ring in my ears.

"Can you take up the challenge? Let me warn you, the experience can be sickening. If you have claustrophobia, you will invite yourself into the depths of H*ll".

'Oh f*ck'

I sat upright, and as I did, my forehead smashed into something suspended only inches above me. Pain exploded through my skull as I fell back, teetering near unconsciousness again. Groggy, I reached up with my hands, groping in the darkness to find the obstacle. It seemed like a heavy ceiling was less than a foot above me.

Puzzled, I tried extending my legs, in an attempt to break the cramped up feeling, hitting the bottom just a few inches away.

The truth now dawned on me. I was in a box.

In the darkness of my small container, I started pounding wildly with my fist. I tried shouting over and over for help. The terror that gripped me deepened with each passing instant until it was intolerable.

The lid refused to budge, even with the full force of my bound arms and legs pushing upwards.

'I am going to suffocate. Where the f*ck' am I?'

Suddenly, my thoughts came to a halt with a soft shove. Whatever the reason was, my container had faced a backforce, giving me a push from behind. Almost immediately after, I heard a faint muffling sound.

A horn!

There was no doubt about it. It was a car horn. A car horn right outside somewhere.

I tried taking a few short breaths, composing myself. Trying to figure out what I had really dropped into. Whatever the reason for my stupor was, now started ebbing off. The adrenaline was clearing the rest of the cobwebs. And I recalled myself back in the chair, in a dimly lit but expensive restaurant. Yes, the Sevilla. I had indulged my savings in there a couple of times before, for a glimpse of lavish life. As I was there, once again. Sipping on some wine, enjoying the soft music in the background. And there he approaches me, dressed up in a fine gabarduine suit. "Mind if I join you for a drink?" Started he with the statement.

Something I had heard a couple of times before, something I had got used up by. A lot.

But he had some different aura about him. The low baritone voice, and the way he carried himself, everything had a royal touch to it. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Very little of our "chat" I could recall, but I clearly remember myself keenly attracted to his fantasy about Shibari. The art of bond*ge. Nearly had I thought I would bring myself to this.

As my nerves started calming down, I started feeling around once again. The corner before me was low, and slightly curved. I ran my hand along the corner, depending solely on my fingertips for guidance. Soon, they struck against a small metallic box. A keyhole was drilled right in the middle of it.

I was in a car dickey. Bound, and captured, being transported n*de.

I did not know whether to feel excited or scared. But my adrenaline rush and the sudden relief had definitely set the mood for something else. I was feeling myself getting into the heat. My body was twisting and turning. Wetness had smeared between my thighs, I could clearly feel.

I extended my feet to get rid of the cramps setting in, as far as the space offered. And this time, a cold metallic object touched my toe.

Curious now, I curled my toes trying to feel what it was. It was a small, metallic plate, very thin with blunt teeth cut at its end. It did not take me long to figure that out.

He had even left a key for me to escape.

What could be going on in his mind?


After a long and tedious while, with the ropes biting into my flesh and my muscles shrieking in protest, did I finally obtain the key.

The car had bumped me a few times against the backdoor, which I gathered would happen every time it came to a halt. For the mechanical rumbling came to a gentle stop for a few moments. That, I bid was my escape chance.

I fished in the key into the hole, and twisted it cautiously. The lock gave way without any protest.

I had unlocked myself out of my captivity!

With my heart thumping against my chest, I pressed against the door looking for that one moment the car came to a halt. Every fibre of my muscles taut, prepared for action.

The rumbling came to a stop!

With no second thought, did I fling the door open, sharply inhaling the blast of open air that was welcoming me.

But immediately later, did I realise what trap had I fallen myself into, when the flash of headlights flashed into my unprepared eyes, dazzling me into a daze.

With a gasp, I quickly looked around in panic. The scenery around me was of a dusty wide road, with thick dark forest around.

I was right in the midst of highway, being driven in the quietness of night.

Shuddering, I turned and quickly pulled the lid down again.

He wanted me to do this! He knew I would fell myself into this embarassment, in an attempt to seek my freedom.

Had I stayed a moment longer, I would make headlines as a n*ked personality flailing in the dickey of car, due to her own stupidity. That rascal..

He had given me the option to flee, only on the setup where I would come back to surrender myself.

Defeated, I laid down where I was, upon the rubber floor. Chuckling at his cunning.

After what seemed like ages, did the car finally come to a halt.

The lid of the dickey swung open, revealing the tall silhouette of my captor.

"Did you enjoy my little setup, sweetheart?"

How I wanted to spit at his face, but every nerve in my body had accepted defeat. I sat up before him, kneeling, my hands on my knees. My gaze fixed down at his engorging tool under the tweed pants.

"Yes, master". Came meekly out of my throat.

"Come on then. We move on to the next step"

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