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December 4, 2022

Roleplay Prompt, Fiction


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Board exams preparations were hectic and with additional tuitions and stuff it was pain staking indeed. Though I study well, my parents sent me for tuitions for main subjects. So this was my daily routine, early morning tuitions, school and tuitions again. The star of this story was my then girlfriend Riya. I met her at one of my tuitions. I don’t know but something about her intrigued me and I started talking to her. We chatted after tuitions for a while and this went on for days. She was cute and looked pretty too. She was cool to hang out with and after a few months we started going for movies n parks together.

This went on for a few weeks and then she said she loved me and I felt the same with her. Things started getting intimate soon enough. We made out frequently after classes, early mornings and also started bunking tuitions at times. We had good times. Then we started touching each other more freely while riding bike or when we just hangout and stuff. She had a hot structure, 32-28-34, and curvy too. I like touching and fondling her breasts, they were all soft like the softest pillows ever. She loved biting my neck and earlobes when I drove, nearly caused a few accidents.

Day by day we became more bold and one day when went to meet her after my walk, we took a drive as usual and suddenly she hugged me tight and put her hands into my sweat pants and held my cock. Since it was already a cold night here, it sent some sort of weird pleasure waves down my spine and it became rock hard in seconds, and she always had a thing dirty talk and whispering close to my ears, and this turned my on as hell. As she held it tight within her fingers, she said “someone s angry that I woke him up now, I better calm him soon before he bites me” (in Tamil: yaro naan elupunadhala kovama irukan pola, avana seekirama samadhanam panala na kadichuruvan). I was horny as hell now. First time someone touching your cock and dirty talking and she started to rub the tip with her thumb and moved her fingers around it. I couldn’t focus on driving either. A few minutes later, I told that I was about to cum, but she dint stop rather started rubbing my balls and I came on her hands. Finally we stopped and she got down and started to lick her cum covered fingers with a sexy grin and she came near me and told lets to more next time and went back to her place.

Since we used to talk about everything, I called her up at night and asked her about it, and she told all this kissing and touching made her very horny and wanted me badly. And the next time we were talking in our usual spot as she sat on my bike, she just pulled my hands put it inside her pants and told, “I’m wet for you baby, take care of me won’t you” and I got the que. I used two of my fingers and started rubbing her already wet pussy, since she was a virgin I just caressed her wet pussy and started rubbing her clit too, she started to moan and I also pressed her boobs and pulled her hard nipples also. She was moaning hard then, “make me cum baby, kiss me, I want you now” I also kissed her and she came in minutes and was fully exhausted by then.

We both wanted more but we dint get a place to be intimate. However we went of frequent road trips and drives where we both enjoyed fondling each other’s private parts. Finally all exams were over and we were free at last. Finally one day she called me up saying that, her parents are away for the weekend to a marriage at a far off place, so we’ll have our fun this week. I was jumping with joy and finally the weekend arrived.

I called her up and told her that I am on my way and got some tolerance and honey and I reached her place. She opened the door and I was awestruck. She looked too sexy in yoga pants and a tight pink tee which she tied a bit above her navel. I gave her the Choco and picked her up bridal style and went to her bed room, we started making out and she climbed on top of me and told me to just lay still and enjoy and I was like this girl is making me too damn horny. She started kissing all over my face and bit my ear lobes and licked them and pulled my hair and gave me a bite on the lips and pulled up my tee and ticked my chest and bit me all over, I was going crazy. Then the pants came off and she took off my undies with it. She just looked at me and began to kiss my dick and started sucking it. She licked the whole shaft side to side and also my balls and I came in her face and licked it also and told it tasked good.

Now I pulled her down and went crazy on her, bit her neck and ears and lips real hard. Then I pulled off her tee and she wore a black bra inside. Just to tease her more, I licked all around her boobs and navel. And finally I removed her bra to reveal a perfect set of tits and I started to squeeze and lick it. I pinched her nipples and bit and pulled on them a bit, also I licked on the underside of her boobs and she went all crazy and pushed my head between them and pressed it. Now I slowly removed her pants and I saw a thin panty which was wet already. I licked around her thighs and slowly removed her panty. She had a clean shaven pussy and plus she always used this perfume, which made me crazy. I started to lick her from her outer lips and made way with my tongue and licked her till she came in my mouth. I took some honey and put it on her pussy and navel and rubbed some on her boobs and began to lick it. She was moaning loudly and when I was licking the honey from her pussy, she just arched up and came and was totally out of breath.

She was all wet now and she licked my cock and made it wet also. I put my dick near her pussy and started to push it in. since it was a virgin, it was bit hard but as I pushed more into her, it went in and she told me she was in pain, I just kissed her more and kissed her boobs and when she was okay with the pain, I began regular strokes and my dick went fully in and she was moaning loudly, “push it in, make me cum baby, fuck me hard, fuck my pussy” and finally I came in her and we both were tired and lay beside each other. Then we took a shower together and once more session in the shower in doggy style.

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