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When Life Gives A Thick Chick

#Gilfriend, #Thick, #Busty

I am pursuing a CA course in Chennai. I am 23, fair, 5.9 in height. This story is about my ex-girlfriend, Radhika (name changed). I got to know her from my friend at my college. She’s 22, fair, 5.7 in height, chubby, gigantic, and fluffy boobs, sharp nipples. Every guy in college wanted to bang her for her body.

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Elite Tuition Teen: Tamil Touch

#Tamil, #Elite, #Teen, #Quickie

Board exams preparations were hectic and with additional tuitions and stuff it was pain staking indeed. Though I study well, my parents sent me for tuitions for main subjects. So this was my daily routine, early morning tuitions, school and tuitions again. The star of this story was my then girlfriend Riya. I met her at one of my tuitions. I don’t know but something about her intrigued me and I started talking to her. We chatted after tuitions for a while and this went on for days. She was cute and looked pretty too. She was cool to hang out with and after a few months we started going for movies n parks together.

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