Sachin Desai

April 20, 2023

Cheating Wife


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Reena quietly entered the clinic and saw a patient waiting in the lobby. The receptionist handed her a blank medical form. She took a seat and looked at it.

"Not again", she murmured as she pulled out a pen and began to fill the requested details. She handed over the form after taking 15 minutes to fill the details. While she waited, she got a call from her husband.

"Yes I am here. Ani (Aniket) this isn't going to work. Why don't you just understand that it's just a waste of time".

(Aniket tried to pacify her and wanted to disconnect the call, but he knew if he did, things can get bad and knowing she was at a clinic, he didn't wanted her to get hyper again)

"Okay, okay calm down. Take a deep breath. This is one last time okay? I have heard this doctor has a knack of curing difficult cases. At least talk to him for a session and then don't come again if you feel its just a waste of time okay?"

All that Reena muttered was, "Hmmm, but last time okay?"

"Mrs Reena, you are in next",the receptionist said. Reena nodded and disconnected the call.

Reena was a usual housewife, but at times, she would get sudden bouts of anger. She just couldn't control it and one thing that came to light was, she hated men when she suffered a sudden bout of anger. As if she had been through a violent past that was haunting her. She has been to a dozen psychologists, but no one was able to find the real reason behind it. Aniket had just been transferred to Nasik and his friends told him about a certain Dr. Patil. That's why Reena was here. It took Aniket a lot of coaxing to give it another try. The thing was Aniket had been worried off late as he noticed, Reena was so violent during her last bout that she ran behind him with a kitchen knife. When she came back to her senses, she didn't remember anything.

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