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Cheating Wife


#nsfw, #doctor, #patient

Reena was a usual housewife, but at times, she would get sudden bouts of anger. She just couldn't control it and one thing that came to light was, she hated men when she suffered a sudden bout of anger. As if she had been through a violent past that was haunting her. She has been to a dozen psychologists, but no one was able to find the real reason behind it. Aniket had just been transferred to Nasik and his friends told him about a certain Dr. Patil. That's why Reena was here. It took Aniket a lot of coaxing to give it another try. The thing was Aniket had been worried off late as he noticed, Reena was so violent during her last bout that she ran behind him with a kitchen knife. When she came back to her senses, she didn't remember anything.

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Plan Gone Wrong


Are you spying on me? And how dare you check my cell phone Nidhi? Would you like it if I check your phone without your permission? You tell me I am sick, but who was the one who got me into this thing? I was better off reading erotic stories before marriage, but you told me these videos are much better, didn't you? So go on and tell my parents and I tellyours too as to what their daughter was into".

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Gunaah - The Crime

#nsfw, #politics

Tabhi uski mulaqaat Darein se huwi. Usne Darein ko plan samjhaaya aur kaha ki 6 mahino mein woh apne liye nayi bike khareed sakta hain. Is tarah Darein ka istemaal karke Ramu ne kai choriyon ko anjaam diya. Phir store room ke alaawa woh railways ke courier department se bhi keemti samaan churaane laga. Darein aur Ramu ki toh jaise kismat chamak uthi. Lekin railway department ko ab yakeen ho chala tha ki store room aur courier department se samaan ki chori ho rahi hain.

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Political Gamble

#nsfw, #politics

A party meeting was called to select the next on command until the next election dates were announced. Ashutosh tried his level best, but Dashrath's supporters outnumbered him. They wanted Vimladevi, Dashrath's widow to be the next in command. So Vimladevi was to be sworn in for the remaining 6 months. She had no clue about politics and had won her seat because of her husband's name.

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The Unexpected Affair

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

A heartbroken Abhi decides to be a loner again, but Divya wants him to be the kind of guy he was prior to falling for Ruchika. This time she invites him home when Arun is around. She hopes Arun will help her in getting Abhi out of this mess, but Arun just has casual talks with him. When Abhi leaves, Arun looses his temper as he is not happy that his wife is still trying to help this guy in spite of him telling her not to get into all this stuff.

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Hunter Gets Hunted

#nsfw, #hypnosis, #mindReading

Priya and Harsh were a usual couple who got married about a year ago. Soon after marriage, they realized they were different in their thought process. Priya was well rooted to her culture while Harsh was a nonconformist. He worked for a leading newspaper as a columnist and had gained popularity through his hard-hitting articles against the education system, political rivalries, social stigmas etc.

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Expect The Unexpected

#nsfw, #roleplayPrompt, #emotional

Anagha, the 25 year old practically thinking girl was escorted to her husband’s room. It was her wedding night and her friends were the only support she had during this wedding phase. Anagha wasn’t ready for this marriage, but she had no one else to blame, but herself. As she sat on the bed, she could hear her friends trying to cheer her up, but her mind wandered. She didn’t even realize when they left while she sat there all alone. Whenever she heard footsteps outside the door, her heart would skip a beat. After a few minutes, the hustle and bustle died down. She could sense there was pin drop silence in the room. She wanted to cry, but controlled her tears. The more she thought about the situation she was in, the more it reminded her of him.

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The Penance

#nsfw, #lockdown

It was a weekend and Covid had just begun to subside. After a long gap of a year and a half, both the college friends were excited to continue with their weekend jog together. After finishing the first round of 30 minutes, both of them sat on a bench, taking deeper breaths.

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The Corporate Mess

#nsfw, #corporateLife, #revenge

This is a plot that I had been wanting to write for a long time now but couldn't think of how to shape this up. Finally, I do have a start. I would love to hear your comments on how I could make this better. I have taken traits from real life scenarios, which I have heard and seen in 20 years of my professional tenure.

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Age Gap

Taming The Mother In Law

#nsfw, #motherInLaw, #milf

Neelam, a 50 year old entrepreneur was single again after 25 years of marriage. She was fed up of the constant quarrels she had with her husband over the years. She finally decided to call off the relationship. Her daughter Sapna had married 6 months ago. Soon after her marriage, she took a break and tried to get involved with her favorite hobbies. Although she was enjoying her freedom, she felt a void within her. She was always submissive by nature but her husband was completely opposite to the kind of man she wanted to be with all her life. At this ripening age, she often thought she had made a huge mistake by taking so long to get out of her marriage.

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DomSubAge Gap

Wrong Turn

#nsfw, #domSub, #ageGap

“Hello, me Hetal Joshi boltey” (I am Hetal Joshi speaking) (Hetal called up the Arthur road jail authorities again today in the hope of a miracle, but even before she could continue, the person at the other end replied), “Aho madam tumhaala kiti vela saangayacha ki saaheb busy aahet mhanun?” (Ma’am how many times should I tell you that sir is busy?)

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Age Gap

Daddy's Princess

#nsfw, #stepDad

Sachin, aged 45 has returned home after 8 years. He’s obviously excited to be back home and spend time with his family. Like every father, he’s keen on seeing his daughter (Richa) who has turned 18 couple of months ago. He gets home and is devastated to say the least. His daughter seems to be completely aloof from him and doesn’t show any excitement on her face. He talks to his wife (Priya) and she tells him that he needs to give her some time. Sachin is a bit restrictive in his thoughts while Priya is a bit liberal.

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The Switch


Shalini has been married for couple of years. Her husband Akash has been handling the family business since the time her dad decided to hang his boots. Akash was a trusted employee in Shalini's late father's company. Shalini's father considered him as a gem of a person and soon got him married to his daughter. Not only that, in his final will, he handed over the reigns of the company to his son in law (Akash). But the condition was, he would only be limited to be a caretaker, which meant Akash had to take Shalini's signatures for getting new business deals etc.

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