Indecent Proposal 2

Deepali Singh

February 26, 2023

Incest, Age Gap


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"No, Soham. We cannot afford to buy it. It is not proper to spend money like this." - Rohini said, while looking for the TV remote.

"But why Mom? I should pass out in a couple of years and get a job. We can easily repay a loan if we take any now." - Soham insisted.

"It's not that simple baby. You have to get a job first. Also, I would ideally want you to pursue a Masters' degree after your graduation. We need to save money considering all options."

Rohini Chatterjee was a 42 years old woman. She had separated from her husband 10 years back and been bringing up her son Soham, who is now 20 years old, since then. She works as a receptionist in a multinational firm and though she had been able to make ends meet with her salary till now, with her son having grown up and the soaring inflation, she has been finding it a bit difficult to cater to all the financial needs conveniently over the last few months.

Soham has been studying B.Tech. in a reputed college for 2 years now and should pass out of the course in another two years. He had a tall athletic body and had grown up into a handsome young man much to the pride of his mother.

The subject in contention was a bike which Soham wanted to buy but Rohini resisted her son's request on the ground that they needed to save the money for future needs. Obviously Soham was not happy about it and was trying to convince his mother otherwise.

"I do not know why we always have to compromise, mom? My friend Vikram recently got this new bike. I heard his mom gifted the bike to him recently on his birthday. She doesn't even have a job like you. But they live such a lavish life." - Soham said, in a disappointed voice.

"It's better if we don't talk about Vikram's mom and how she gets all the money. I know Poonam and her character very well.". Rohini said, while leaning back on the sofa and browsing the TV channels.

"Whatever she is doing is working for her and her son. She is a widow herself. I know a few years back they were in such bad condition when Vikram's dad died of that accident. She was just a housewife back then. But I think now she earns much more than even Vikram's dad used to." ..Soham said, chuckling

"Huh! don't even get me started on her, baby. I told you I know how Poonam earns that money. There are men paying her for that. And you are grown up enough now to understand what they pay her for when they visit your friend's house at night."....Rohini said, in a mocking tone. She would not generally discuss such a topic with her son, but she felt it was wise for him to know the truth. And besides, Soham was an adult now.

Soham remained silent for a bit of time. And then he walked over and sat by Rohini's side on the 3 seater sofa.

There was a minute of silence. Then Soham broke the silence by saying "Mom, if you tried you could earn three times as much as her. You know that, right?"

It took a bit of time for Rohini to realize what her son had just told her. For a few seconds she could not believe what she had heard.

"What....what do you mean? How can I earn that much?"....The question almost slipped out of her lips inadvertently.

"Mom, when did you last look at yourself in the mirror? Vikram's mom is not even half as hot as you. Those men who visit Vikram's mom, and anyone else would easily pay thrice more for you.".... Soham said, in an apprehensive low tone

"Baby, what.......".....Rohini could not complete the sentence as she could not find what to utter. A sense of deep embarrassment paralyzed her mind.

"I know you will be angry with me mom. But what I am saying is the truth. If you just open up your mind a bit you could see it for yourself."....Soham said as he got up and walked away from the living room towards his bedroom.

Rohini sat there shell-shocked. She felt hurt, ashamed and angry. But at the same time she felt a strange tickling sensation between her thighs, as the true meaning of her son's proposal sank into her mind.

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