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The Delicate Daughter


‘"Riya!"....Rohini snapped at her daughter...."I don't ever want to hear you addressing him as your dad again." Saying this Rohini walked away agitatedly. After a while Riya could hear her mother talking over the phone to the police. She felt a bit disheartened. She had grown up through her childhood without knowing her father, and now that she got to know who her father was her mother will not let her meet him. Riya did not talk to her mother the entire evening. She even had her dinner quietly and then retreated to her bedroom. She felt like crying. Her mother had hidden the identity of her father all her life, and she would not have got to know who his father was if the man had not met her and introduced himself yesterday.’

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IncestAge Gap

Strokes of Hope

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

‘Savitri then walked backwards a bit and then moved her hands behind her back to unstrap her bra. As she removed her bra, her bulbous breasts with wide brown areolas and firm nipples got fully exposed. Her breasts have not been touched by any man for over a decade and therefore those have not sagged even though she was past 40.’

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IncestAge Gap

Indecent Proposal 2

#nsfw, #momSon, #ageGap

‘"No, Soham. We cannot afford to buy it. It is not proper to spend money like this." Rohini said, while looking for the TV remote. "But why Mom? I should pass out in a couple of years and get a job. We can easily repay a loan if we take any now." Soham insisted. "It's not that simple baby. You have to get a job first. Also, I would ideally want you to pursue a Masters' degree after your graduation. We need to save money considering all options."’

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The Queen's Predicament

#nsfw, #royal

Rudrani was tapping anxiously on the metal handle of the throne with the manicured nails of her left hand..she was waiting for the high priests of the kingdom as she was now faced with the biggest crisis of her reign..and she could not take a decision without consulting the holy men, whom she was counting upon to show some way out of this conundrum.

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The Wrong Turn

#nsfw, #dark, #momSon

Garima Roy Chowdhury was an independent woman who was a doctor by profession. She was 42 years old, divorced and still gorgeous enough for every man to cast a second glance at her. She had been divorced from her husband for the last 5 years. She had however taken custody of her son Rohan who was now 18 years old, and used to live with her in their double storeyed building on the outskirts of the city. Garima had deliberately chosen that location for her house as she never liked the crowd of the busy city.

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Wicked Passion

#nsfw, #NonCon, #siblings

It had not been easy for Mandira Pathak to get back to normal life after that fateful night. She has always been a woman of strong character and it reflected in the way she had lived her life. She is 37 years old now and has lived independently without getting engaged to any man till date. She always maintained that she would be better off living life her way, instead of getting into any kind of obligations with any man.

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