Midnight Romance

Madhavi Roy

September 15, 2021

Roleplay Prompt


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"N-Nyo!" Madhu squirmed with a sensitive moan in Daddy's lap. "N-n-not there!"

"Here..?" Daddy enquired curiously. He was being nice and caring.

"No, a little down. A-a little more!" Madhu found herself flustered. She tried looking away with rosy cheeks.

"Stay calm Madhu. If you keep moving like that, I cannot put it in properly!" Daddy retorted with a sigh.

"Can we turn the lights on Daddy?" A soft squeaky voice came from Madhu's side.

"Madhu.. It is almost midnight. Do you really want me to go and turn the lights on?"

A silence followed for some moments, but Daddy could feel her puppy eyes. Darn this little sleezy b*tch!

With a visible groan, Daddy got up and reached for the table lamp. His eyes fell on the clock on the table. It was 1 am already! And he had to go for his office tomorrow.

"Madhu, make it quick. I have to go to sleep, okay?" Daddy turned his attention back to Madhu, who was still giving those pleading puppy eyes.

"Okay, okay! Stop doing that".

Daddy sighed and got back to his task. "Now stay still. I am going to go in".

Madhu gave a small nod and reached for Daddy.

He was gentle, soft. Careful not to cause any pain. He had his fair share of expertise to make her comfortable.

"M-Mmmmm" Madhu tensed up for an instant, and then relaxed down with a cute purr.

"And here it goes in…"

"C-Can we use oil Daddy?" She stopped him in his tracks with that question.

"No baby, we do not use oil there". He really did not want to go looking for oil at this hour of the night. If anything, he wanted a nice deep slumber.

"But Daddy.."

"Madhu" This came stern. He was getting impatient now. And it seemed to work, for now she had calmed down.

Daddy sighed and got to work again.

"And this goes in… now". It slowly made its way into the dark canal. Madhu buckled for a moment, squeezing her eyes tight. Daddy smiled, giving it a soft twist. Making her hum and purr at his command.

"J-just a bit deeper".

"In here?"

"Yes, a little harder daddy?"

"If you say so". Daddy tried pressing it against the walls and sliding it deeper. Trying to pry it upwards. The little one sighed in comfort. She was really enjoying it huh?

"Daddy, can you rub here a little? It feels nice.. yes! Here".

"Make it quick Madhu. I have to wake up early".

"Just a little more daddy?"

"Fine.. but just a little more". Daddy started pulling it out carefully, rubbing it softly around the opening before gently pushing it again. "Why can't you just clean yourself a little more? Look what mess you made"

"Because I got you Daddy". Madhu tried looking up at him with a mischievous smirk. This girl really knows where her charms work. "Hmmmmmm it feels so gooooodddd.."

"Now you are just toying with me. You said it was itching".

"But it was Daddy! It itched soooo bad". Madhu pouted cutely with her full lips turned out.

"But it is alright now, correct?"

Madhu tried nodding with a satisfying smile.

"Good. Next time, take care of your ear. Do not keep your earphones on for too long. And for God's sake, let me sleep!!" Daddy pulled out the earbud with a small rebuke. But still, he could not help smiling.

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