Plan Gone Wrong

Sachin Desai

April 16, 2023



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Nidhi was talking to her mom after couple of weeks. Her parents had been overseas on a holiday. She disconnected the call after realising it was getting late and entered the bathroom to freshen up. She wore her new sexy lingerie knowing it was weekend and Ashu has a week off. She stood at the bedroom door with a smile on her face. The smile soon faced away with what she saw in the mirror though. She looked at the mirror of the wardrobe and saw her man engrossed in watching p0rn. The laptop's screen was visible in the mirror.

Nidhi :- Ashu? What the f*ck is wrong with you. You have been watching p0rn again? What the hell has gotten in to you? You have a wife and all you do is watch this fucking shit all the time?"

Ashu :-" Oh common Nidhi, I was waiting for you, but you were taking ages on the call so I just thought of killing time.

Nidhi :- (Nidhi pulled the laptop and was about to throw its away in rage but somehow she stopped herself). "Stop this crap Ashu. I am sick and tired of your addiction. Your better mend your ways and you better not lie that you were watching it just this time. I see your underwear and they are fucking full of stains and your mobile history shows how seldom you watch p0rn. You need a counseling now. You either mend your ways or I am telling your parents about this ".

Ashu :- Are you spying on me? And how dare you check my cell phone Nidhi? Would you like it if I check your phone without your permission? You tell me I am sick, but who was the one who got me into this thing? I was better off reading erotic stories before marriage, but you told me these videos are much better, didn't you? So go on and tell my parents and I tell yours too as to what their daughter was into".

Nidhi :- "Okay fine, I got you into all this but did I tell you to become a slave to this sh*t and ruin our marriage? Do you even know what you're saying?"(she pulled up a pillow and lied down pulling up a sheet over her semi naked body)

"Go on and continue to watch it. Satisfy your libido by watching some random man f*ck a random wh0re", she said as she switched off the table lamp.

The 40s something illiterate servant who stayed in the servant quarters on the terrace, came down knowing there's something wrong. He waited for for a few seconds and then knocked on the door.

Ashu opened the door saying, "Nothing kaka, everything is fine. We had an argument but it's settled now. You can go and sleep".

(This is a semi-cuck0ld plot and the servant's character can be replaced by any other suitable character of your choice. Can be younger or older than the wife. But I intend to play it in a slightly different way)

P.S:- I am an offline player so if you are interested and wish to play this, please expect gaps in the play.

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