Rise of Profligacy

Wicked Witch

August 18, 2022



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Chapter 1

Dhruv got off the safari van and looked at the river Mrigaya just in front of him. The river was not more than 100 meters in width. There was an extensive forest covering the earth like a black green sheet. He could see it from the higher ground. The sun already sank below the horizon a while ago, drawing the curtain of semi-darkness. It created a horribly beautiful scenario from his point of view. The view was so fascinating and alluring for an adventurous mind.

Dhruv was an anthropologist, not very famous, but he was never behind fame or money. He had a creepy worm in his head that seeks for adventures. He loves his work. Knowing the human culture, their origins, and their tradition fill his soul. He had studied and discovered several tribes and their ancient traditions that were hidden from the world. He loves mystery and unfolding them.

The enchanting view of the jungle seemed to lure Dhruv, beckoning him like a magnet.

A few months ago he was informed about a tribal ritual by an unknown number in a call. The Unknown person claimed himself as a traveler who follows Dhruv's research. The person informed that the ritual or more precisely a ceremony that occurs once in 10 years. He also informed the exact date and location. The tribe resides in very deep in the jungle in a remote area. The only option to reach there was by foot. Dhruv was very professional in his work and, he confirmed the facts and made research, and decided to visit there. There were several obstacles to go there. He can't go there with his research team, no camera allowed, no phones allowed. He can only come with one more person accompanying him, he has to walk there for consecutive two days to reach there. The unknown person arranged all this for Dhruv after talking with the tribal head.

Obviously, there were many life risks. Dhruv's wife Maya, suggested not to go there but he never listened. He never loses a chance to feel adventure in his nerves.

“Dhruv da let's go! Our journey awaits” Rup interrupted Dhruv , as he was dissolved in some thoughts looking at the scenario.

Rup was Dhruv,s assistant, the only man who can accompany him through this whole journey.

“yes let's go, I am already thrilled and filled with energy” Dhruv smiled as they got on the wooden boat. There were two local people who would guide their path. They crossed the river and walked into the jungle. The jungle was thicker as they traveled more inside. After a lot of struggle, they reached the village. They were so exhausted. The local people left them and they returned as they were not allowed to enter the village. They will meet after a week on the exact spot they left Dhruv and Rup.

Two ebony women walked out the village entrance. The village was surrounded by long walls made of bamboo and wooden logs so that nobody can trespass into the village area except the gate which had a long metallic gate that had two long thick horns as a crown of it. The two women offered them two glass-shaped containers that were made of wood probably.

They were smiling. Their breasts and crotch area were covered with a thin tunic made of jute. There were flower patterns and a human head with horns printed on their tunic. Probably not printed but knitted with colorful jute. The weaving skills of the villagers were prominent. Dhruv's observing eyes already started gathering information that he would write in his notebook later.

Dhruv and Rup looked at each other as they felt a bit hesitant to accept the offered vessels. Though he knew that the tribe is friendly but uncertainty could appear any moment alone deep in this jungle. The worst scenario could be making two of them unconscious with that potion, and later boil them alive before the tribal people devour their flesh*es being madden in the feast.

“it's water. Drink it and come inside.” A female voice appeared as they looked at the gate. There was another woman standing with a spear that has a sharp bled on its top end. The woman's dressing was different than the previous two. Her dress was tighter than the other two. Some patterns were painted on cheeks, neck waist and on the legs as well. She looked like an soldier.

She smiled as Dhruv and Rup both were staring at her.

“this is the water of purity. You need to be purified from both outside and inside to get inside this village.” Her English accent was little broken and rough. Definitely it was obvious as English was not their mother language.

They drank the water in one go. They were thirsty and kind of starving. They only relied on dried food and little much of water from last two days. They felt so refreshed after drinking the water they were offered. The freshness of the water seemed to heal their exhausted mind and body.

They walked inside the village. There was small cottages made of wood and hay. It looked like all the villagers gathered to see the guests. They were chattering, smirking, looking at them as they were not so used to of having visitors from the outer world.

Rup felt bit uneasy being the center of attraction. Dhruv was calm and observed everything going on around him. He was used to of such attention. He observed a strange thing. The villagers gathered around them had no male. All were females. Females of different age. From young to elder. There was no male at all. That was quite surprising and unexpected but he could smell a mystery behind this odd fact. There must be some reason. How they are reproducing? The first question that appeared in his mind.

So finally they were guided to a cottage by the soldier woman and the other two women.

The soldier told something in their language to the other two women and then looked at Dhruv and Rup.

“go with them. take bath and change your dirty clothes. Stay here until Mira comes to meet you” she said in a loud tone.

Rup was very excited inside his mind. He never had seen so many ebony women with such revealing outfits. It was hard not to think sexually about them, especially for a young mind. They took bath in a small pond. The pond contains lukewarm water. They felt more refreshed with the hot water bath.

by the evening the head of the tribe Mira came to their cottage along with the soldier woman.

Mira was tall. Almost the same height of Dhruv, around 5' 11”. Her eyes were deep brown, with long hairs that reach upto her waist. She was wearing leather to cover her private parts. Jewelries made of metal flourishing her beauty. there was a strange aura reflecting from her majestic appearance. There was something odd, something strange on her facial expression and display. Dhruv was glued to her beauty. he never had seen a black beauty with so much enchantment.

Mira asked them to have a seat as she sat on a wooden stool. She sat crossing her legs. Her thick thighs were on display.

Dhruv lowered his head as he leaned forward and kissed on Mira's right hand. He knew some tribal courtesy. Rup also followed by Drhuv's act. Mira smiled and nodded her head in acceptance of their courtesy.

“welcome to our village. We are happy to have guests after a long period. “ She smiled and looked at both of Dhruv and Rup.

“we generally don't allow any visitor specially during our “Lipsa” ceremony, but this year it's different. Our tribe is almost on the verge of extinction and that is why we wanted someone to witness our succession and so that one could inherit it and pass it through the generation. The existence of Goddess Misha must be preserved at any cost “ She stopped as she waited for their reaction.

Dhruv and Rup, both of them looked at each other being exclaimed. They came here only to study but hearing about inheriting, they were surely not prepared for this. Dhruv was about to speak something but Mira interrupted saying

“I know what you are thinking. You must know few things clearly. we don't allow any man to enter our village but you two are already in. Do you think its just a normal fact? Surely not. You are chosen by the Misha, our ancient goddess that we worship from the ages.. “ She paused for a second and looked at the soldier woman. She made an eye gesture. She left the cottage to bring something.

“after two days Lipsa will be held in our village and I ,Mira being the head of this village invites you to take part in that ceremony, observe our tradition and then give your decision about this matter. We will let you go if you decide not to be the successor. Is that clear to you Dhruv?” She asked with a stern tone.

The soldier woman arrived with a big jug and kept it in a corner in that cottage.

“this is an exclusive drink that you won't' find anywhere in this world except here. This will help you to spend your day and being high. You have two days to visit our village and understand our traditional lifestyle” She smiled looking at Dhruv.

Dhruv noticed that Mira was looking at Dhruv all the time. probably because he was the in charge but still that fact kept nagging into his mind.

Dhruv cleared his throat. He was surprised and scared to know that he is chosen by some goddess. He denied to accept that he was chosen by some goddess. He still believed that he came there by his own choice.

“ I am so grateful that you allowed us to come in, but I am not sure about to be a successor. I actually don't have any idea what it is like to be a successor. I am just an ordinary person who lives a happy life and little bit of adventure. I am glad that you or your Goddess find me worthy. But I apologize that I can't be the person you are seeking for.”

Dhruv said in a calm tone.

“you don't need to worry about this. As I said you can stay here and observe everything and then choose your path. But remember one thing nothing in this world occurs by coincidence. Every single thing, every single actions are linked to your fate, to your destiny. No matter which path we chose, we will meet our destiny one day. “ Mira explained and stood up.

“I am being late for the prayer. You two take some rests and enjoy the food and drinks , provided. Misha needs a strong man who is healthy inind and body” She smiled again but that time her smile was different. It was mysterious and mocking. Just like a predator smiles at his trapped prey.

They spent the next two days as part of the village. The woman in the village used to stalk them very often as they were not used to of male. It was awkward and arousing. Surprisingly the libido of dhruv and rup had increased a lot in last two days. Watching all the hot ebony half naked women around them and hiding their arousal was really embarrassing and quite a struggle for them. Most of the time their pen!s was semi-hard leaking lots of precum.

Dhruv found out few important information about the village. There were only a single man in the village. He is very old and lives inside a cave. He hardly comes out of it. There was a temple inside the cave. Every villagers go inside that cave by the evening for praying. The ceremony named Lipsa will be held in that temple. Dhruv and Rup was still not allowed to go there until the day of ceremony.

So finally the day came. In the very morning, before the sun rises, Dhruv and Rup was instructed to take bath from the same pond . they provided some cloths made of jute. The temple was pure, they don't want any foreign particles too enter inside their holy temple.

it was embarrassing to wear just a tunic to cover their crotch area, especially when they were surrounded by 100 of woman.

They entered into the cave. The cave was quite big from inside. Lots of torches were enlightening the interior portions. They walked through a narrow passage that leads to the temple.

They were shocked and surprised as soon as they entered into the main temple area. It doesn't look like a temple. The was a vast hollow area inside the cave.

There were many naked woman sitting on their knees. Women of different ages. They were sitting in a circle. In the center of the circle there was a flat stone. Their eyes stopped there as they saw a big phallus like structure kept on that stone. It looked exactly like a human pen!s. but the length and thickness were abnormal.

A woman instructed them to take a seat away from the main circle and enjoy the ceremony. They were only asked to watch but not to participate directly.

Dhruv could figure out that the phallus shaped thing, probably an artifact was made of either wood or stone. There were two balls shaped figure just below the pen!s . it exactly looked like a dildo.

Dhruv and Rup looked at each other with awful expression. There was pentagram painted on the floor, on which the co*ck shaped piece was kept. Mira appeared from the dark, wearing a long thin gown like tunic that was covering from her shoulder to ankle.

her face was painted with dark black and red color. She looked like a demon came out of the hell. As soon as Mira appeared , all the other woman bowed her lowering their head . They started chanting with synchronization. Dhruv couldn't understand what language it was. They raised their hands up in the air and kept chanting.

an assistant of her brought a jug . Mira spat her saliva into it. After that the assistant walked to each of the woman and poured a little of the drink into their mouth. Finally the woman came near Dhruv and Rup. She gestured them to open their mouth. Dhruv and Rup both were nervous but fascinated by the grandeur of the ritual that was taking place in front of their eyes. They finally opened their mouth and let the woman pour the drink into their throat.

Dhruv remembered the taste. It was same like the drink they offered before as an exclusive drink. But it seemed it was stronger than the previous one. After drinking that beverage they felt their body being very sensitive. They got Goosebumps in a second. It was kind of a stimulator.

They were witnessing something unique and unexpected that was about to happen next. The potion already started to work in their body. they could feel their pen!s getting hard without even a single touch. Their vision started to get blurred. They suddenly started to feel very high. Dhruv understood the exclusive drinks was nothing but aphrodisiac substance. Their mind was no longer in their control as they started to almost hallucinate. Though they were drugged but their consciousness was still active. They hear the sound of chanting getting louder.

Mira was already inside the pentagram circle. She stripped herself naked. A woman took that cloth and stepped back. Dhruv was shocked discovering that Mira was a shemale. There was big ccok between her thick smooth thighs. Her perky breast were big and round like an young woman. Her black nipples were hard protruding like black succulent peach. There was glossy metal pierced in her belly button and her nipples as well. Dhruv could not move an inch as he felt his limbs getting numb but at the same moment he was highly aroused. By the aphrodisiac or looking at the shemale cock? He had no answer. He didn't even tried to find the answer as he was deeply emerged in the scenario happening in front of him.

Dhruv noticed that Mira looked at him with a grin. It was like she wanted Dhruv to watch her carefully, watch everything that was about to happen. That evil grin trembled his soul but his body was reacting opposite. He felt a strange sensation looking straight at Mira's eyes. His cock leaked few drops of precum. He forgot that he was sitting next to his assistant Rup who was older than him.

Mira took the phallus shaped piece and licked its top head with her tongue out. She rubbed that cock against her erected pen!s. As soon as he touched the dildo shaped cock on his own, her body started to transform. Dhrub was aroused and so high on the drug but he could see Miras's eye brows were getting shape along with her eyes. Her nose got more pointy. Her lips became thinner but wider. Her nails started to grow sharp and glossy. Two horns were emerging out of her skull as her hairs turned white. The contrast of her white hairs and black skin , made her look so beautiful and opulent. Her eyes turned little yellowish. She laughed very loud. She turned into some mythical creature. Unprismatically her big erected pen!s started to get smaller and smaller until it disappeared completely into her black skin and clitoris started to appear from that exact place where her phallus was before. Her pen!s completely transformed into a vagina. During that transformation Mira was screaming quite loud, grousing as if she was in extreme pain.

She looked so furious, so enchanting, so much hotter than any other woman he had ever met. She took out her long thick tongue that was red like flesh blood. The tongue was very thick and looked very succulent. She hissed and looked at all the woman sitting there around her. She pointed her finger to one woman among them.

The woman she selected started to cry not in fear but in joy. She crawled towards Mira and sat inside the pentagram pattern spreading her legs wide.

“Oh my Majestic Misha! Please bestow upon me. Take me in your mercy. Make me free of this fastening…” The woman cried out loud.

Mira was still holding that dildo shaped piece. She leant over the woman lying there. And rubbing its tip on her dripping vagi*na she pushed it all the way inside . Definitely that thing was very thick and long to enter into a vagina. The woman cried loud in pain but she was holding her breath . surprisingly the dildo went all the way inside her vagina. She moaned loud in pleasure. She almost got fainted on the ground.

The chanting was continuous. After few couples of second the woman on the ground started to get up. She started to scream as her body started transforming. Her ears got bigger and very pointy at its top like a wolf. Her lips turned pitch black. Her ebony skin started to turn pale white. A thick pen!s started to appear between her legs. It was almost 9 inch long and 3-4 inch wide. She didn't look like a human anymore. She got a thick tail that appeared from her back, just above her ass crack. The woman licked her lips. Her tongue was pale green and thin like a snake.

Without wasting a moment the transformed woman jump on Mira. Both of them were transformed into something unbelievable. They pushed their tongues into each other's mouth as they cuddle each other wildly. The woman pushed her thick pen!s into Mira's vagina. Very soon they started to engage themselves into extreme level of copulation. All the other women present their started to chant and pray loudly as they watched the two transformed human being intoxicated by acute lust and desires.

it felt like the cave was shifted to somewhere else away from the world. The atmosphere was filled with lust and smell of se*x. Soon all the other women started to kiss each other, lick each other, rub each other along with the two transformed human being. Dhruv and rup was not in their mind. They were hypnotized by the diabolic erotic scenario. They forgot who they were. They wanted to join them but some force was stopping them. They wanted it so badly but still they were frozen at their places.

The orgy continued for next few minutes after they heard a loud scream. All the woman suddenly paused at their positions. Their eyes were focused on both of the transformed creatures. The woman who was transformed suddenly collapsed on the ground. Her transformation began to fade away. Mira cried out loud as she sat on the ground holding the woman in her arms.

Chapter 2

Dhruv woke up all of a sudden like he was dragged into reality from a nightmare. The right side of his head was aching like someone was hammering inside his brain. “aarrgghhhhhh!” He got up from his bed placing his hand on his head. He felt blank in his mind for the next few couple of seconds. His head felt so heavy. He felt pain in his whole body.

He was inside their cottage. Rup was sleeping next to him. Slowly his memory started to come back. He recalled all those incidents that took place in front of his eyes. He remembered he was inside the cave. The last scenario he remembered was, the woman collapsing on the ground while Mira started crying loud holding her in her arms.

What happened next? Why he is not able to remember. Was it a dream? A nightmare or it was all real!

How did they end up being in the cottage if it was all real? There were lots of questions but no one to answer them.

He looked down at his body. He was almost nude except for his crotch area. He confirmed it was not a dream but real. He moved out of the cottage. It was evening hour. He found the village was empty. There was no one around. He was surprised. He walked further little more and found all the villagers gathered in one place circling a big fire. He couldn't see what was there but could see the flames from above.

As he approached, he heard the women sobbing. Tears were rolling out of their eyes. Finally,, he understood it was probably a funeral. They moved aside making a path for Dhruv as he walked close. He saw Mira sitting on the ground. She was looking at the fire. Her cheeks were wet with tears. She looked so broken, devastated. She looked at Dhruv with her pitiful eyes. Dhruv recalled how Mira was transformed into a mythical creature back there but all her transformation was gone that moment. She looked like a normal woman. She was calm and pure in her senses.

Dhruv assumed whose funeral it was but he had no courage to ask or utter a word. He remained silent and looked at the fire. Slowly the woman moved back to their cottage except Mira.

“Her name was Laira. She was very kind and adorable, but she was not strong enough to hold the energy of Goddess.” Mira broke the silence.

Dhruv looked at her with confusion.

“I know you have lots of questions in your mind. Specially after that event. I will answer each of them. Come with me Dhruv. I guess it's the right time to answer all your questions” Mira stood up and walked towards the way to the cave.

“Can I join in? “Rup asked from a distance. Mira looked at him and nodded her head showing her acceptance.

Three of them walked inside the cave. The exact same place where the ritual took place a while ago. The phallus was still there kept on the stone inside the pentagram. The moment they entered into that hollow place, they felt a strange sensation on their skins, just like before. Dhruv and Rup were so excited, and nervous as well. They could feel the sensation arousing them. They looked at the phallus. It seems that thing has the power to hypnotize people. One can't stop looking at it.

“What is this thing! And what you all were doing here a while ago?” Dhruv's voice echoed through the stone walls.

“it's Misha's Pen!s that we worships for many ages.” Mira paused for a while and walked around the stone as she stood exactly opposite to both of them.

“Lipsa is a ceremony where we reproduce a new baby girl to ensure the continuation of our clan and its tradition. The ritual summons a fraction of energy from the goddess to a new vessel. The vessel must be a female, a virgin female. Once the vessel is ready, she has to put her seed in me and make me pregnant. All the children you see here are my daughters. Laira was also a vessel but her mental instability made her weak. She couldn't hold the energy within herself. So she died. The energy is so pure in a form that it would either burn you from inside or it will give you enormous power with extreme libido. For last two decades, we are unable to reproduce because of the inapt vessels. We are dying Dhruv. That is why you have been chosen. “ She walked close to Dhruv and placed her finger on his shoulder.

Dhruv looked at her more confused. “how could you conceive a baby? You are not a woman. Are you? And how it is a female baby each time?”

Mira smiled “the phallus has the power to transform any human being according to its need. Didn't you remember I was the host for the seed in this place? After impregnation, the energy keeps me as a female for the next 5 months before I deliver a baby and come to my original shape. The energy that instills in me from the phallus get sucked into the unborn, that mold the baby as a female inside my womb”

Dhruv couldn't believe what he heard but he had seen many unexpected things from last few days. He was still confused on certain thing. Who is Mira, why she was chosen to conceive the baby why not the other females. He wanted to know all about the mystery.

She whispered near Dhruv's ear “ do you wanna touch it ? you don't need to fear at all. It won't kill you. Goddess Misha never harms a human. She only has to offer the freedom of desire. The desire that makes one happy and complete.”

Her whisper chilled Dhruv's spine.

He was confused yet fascinated by the phallus's appearance. Somewhere in his mind desired to touch it. Inspect it more closely. He remained silent for a while. Rup was standing there like a statue. His eyes were glued to that phallus. it seemed he was being hallucinated by the strange erotic aura of that phallic artifact.

Mira took that phall*us in her hand and brought it near Dhruv.

The moment she brought it close to Dhruv, he heard some whispering words. It was not coming from the outside. It seemed it was happening inside his brain. It seemed the artifact was tempting him, luring him to touch it. To accept its offerings.

Dhruv held the phallus. the moment he held it, all the whispering went silent. His closed his eyes. His breathing got so heavy immediately. A wave of sensation ran from his hand toward his groin making his cock hard like stone. Lewd erotic scenario filled his mind. Naked Men and women of different ages, worshiping him as their only Master. They are craving, begging for his touch, for his cock, to be fuccked, to be sodomized, to be used. He saw countless of men and women committing themselves to orgies full of extreme perv*rtness. All these scenes flashed in his mind like a dormant memory. He quickly stepped back and fell on the ground.

His eyes were wide, and his facial expression was displaying his fear mixed with amusement and unreliability. He was speechless and kept looking at that artifact. Dhruv saw Rup was about to touch it, he wanted to stop him but it was late.

Rup touched that thing. He felt heavily aroused. His mind was was filled with various kinds of lewd scenarios. It was not like Dhruv's vision. It was different, not very different though. He saw so many naked young ladies spreading their legs for him. Rubbing their soft naked body over him, swaying their body like a snake, and licking his skin, like they are craving him. Dhruv saw how Rup's cock made a tent and a second later his cock started to sprout semen on his tunic. The extreme illicit scenario was enough to make him cum without even a touch, especially after being aroused for a prolonged time in the village.

Mira was standing there silently holding the phall*us with a clam smile on her lips. Mira pulled the artifact back licked its top again and kept it on its place. Dhruv noticed this time she didn't transform.

“who is Misha? I never heard any goddess named Misha. Tell me about her” Dhruv spoke with his uneven desperate tone.

Mira walked towards him. She pulled out a sharp knife from her back. Dhruv was scared of her sudden act. Mira cut her own finger. She murmured something closing her eyes and then offered that finger to Dhruv.

“suck it. You will have all the answers” Mira spoke with confidence as if she was waiting for this moment for so long.

Dhruv hesitated but he was eager to find all the answers that kept nagging in his mind. He gulped his own saliva and opened his mouth wide. He wrapped his lips around Mira's finger which was bleeding a little much.

Saltiness with iron flavor filled his mouth. After a few seconds, Dhruv started to scream loud as his body rose up on the ground. He was sitting on his knees. His hands were wide open behind his back. His head rose up in the air. His eyes went white.

“dhruv da. Are you okay what's happening?” Rup moved closed to him. Mira held his arms and pulled him away “no don't dare to touch him. He will be alright in a while trust me. “Mira spoke with stern tone.

Rup held back and watched Dhruv screaming in pain. His eyelids were half closed and very restless. Soon his scream stopped.

A couple of Mira's blood started intoxicating Dhruv's body, making it shudder. It was like lots of adrenaline dosage were injected into his blood. He couldn't hold the strong impassion, he fainted on the ground. Rup saw him falling to the ground. He was so scared and concerned. He tried to push Mira and tried to move near Dhruv.

Mira held Rup's hand and dragged him near her. Rup's body almost flew of the ground and landed exactly in front of Mira. Mira put her right hand on Rup's waist. Rup was puzzled and damn scared, realizing her actual inhuman strength. Rup looked at her eyes being very much frightened.

“I told you that he will be fine. you will obey me from now. I am your new master.” Mira's voice was solemn. It seemed a male and female speaking together. It was scary. . In the next few seconds, her touch on his waist made him so calm. It looked like Mira's touch made a sudden change in Rup's mind and behavior. Before a moment he was concerned, scared, and aroused but the next moment he was calm like an obedient pet.

Rup couldn't make a move. He remained in that position looking deep into Mira's enchanting eyes. Mira's hand moved over Rup's head. She brushed his hair by her palm. Mira picked the phallus with another hand, from the stone and brought it very close to Rup's lips.

“there was no role for you in my story, that I am going to create, you simply jumped into a fire by yourself. But I am very kind. I will not let your sacrifice go waste. “She smiled and rubbed that co*ck head on his lips. Rup trembled in sensation. Strong arousal hit him like a thunderbolt.

Mira was almost half of a ft. taller than Rup. Her hand moved down on his jaw. She held them tight and pressed hard to make his mouth open. She leaned over Rup, opening her mouth, as she started pouring dense whitish saliva into rup's mouth. It made a thick string-like shape. She made his mouth shut and looked stern at his eyes.

“Swallow it” Her voice was commanding and loud.

Rup did as he was ordered. The saliva was tasteless and thick.

Mira moved her right down on his crotch. Rup was almost hard down there between his legs. His average size of penis made a little bulge on his cloth. The cloth was soaked wet from his own semen that he ejaculated a few moments ago. The semen got thicker sticking there on the fabric. She scooped a little of the sticky seme*n on her fingertip and tasted it with the tip of her tongue. All the time her eyes were locked at Rup's eyes.

“I have never tasted a young man's semen before. You taste so delicious my boy.” saying that she squeezed his cock over his dirty soaked cloth. Rup gasped in pleasure. A suppressed moan escaped through his mouth.

“Obey me.” She said it loud and released the grip on him. It was the same dual voice that echoed through the hollow space. Rup sat on the ground bending his knees.

Rup's conciseness was still alive but he has no control over his body. He realized suddenly his mouth was producing saliva in a faster rate than usual. His conciseness started to fade away replacing with the greed of sexual fluids. He felt like a drugged hoe.

He started to act like a living being controlled by a worm, and the name of the worm is extreme wantonness.

He lifted his body up till his mouth reached the same level as Mira's crotch area. He sniffed the aroma bringing his face close to her pe*nis that was curled up inside her cloth.

Mira looked down at Rup's eyes and grinned “you want it. Isn't it? Devour it for the first and last time before you meet your destiny. “

Mira put the seed of profligacy into rup's mind. She made him a toy who would obey each and every order of her. In return, she gave him the freedom of his desire. A never-ending loop of l*echery.

Rup pulled her cloth down revealing the monster that had been hiding. It was black, thick like an ugly snake. The foreskin was covering the pink cock head partially. It looked so succulent. The strong nasty musky odor of her pen!s , made him greedy to taste it. The tip of her pen!s was leaking thick transparent preccum which made the cock look so delicious. He could not stop himself. He held her thick meat and placed his tongue between her erected pen!s and testicles. He licked straight up, wiping off the precm till her cock head.

Mira grinned as she smirked looking at her new pet who will be sacrificed very soon for the greater good.

Rup sucked her new master's penis like it's the only thing left in the world to be tasted. His greed was extreme and he didn't care who he was. He felt like a succubus who is mad for a cock, for s*ex. The poison of corruption was already injected into his blood.

They were indulged in le*wd game. A union between a master and a pet.

Dhruv still fainted lying down on the ground. He lost in a dream. Was it a dream really? Or a nightmare?

(In the Dream)

It was a medieval era. It was an era when miracle and magic were on the verge of extinction. Wizards, sorcerers, and cult groups were very rare to find. Skirmish, between nations were very common back then. Nations fighting each other for land, for resources, for fame, for power. Chaos was all around the globe. In that background, a king named Chithor made radical change. After his father Mayur's death, he was ruling over his father's empire. He resurfaced in the chaotic water that was filled with hatred, envy and greed. He offered a message of peace to many nations. He wanted to unite all of them to become one and the strongest. Initially other nations denied, specifically the strong one. The weaker nation accepted his invitation and joined him. Chithor promised them for anew world that will be built on trust and harmony. It took many years. Chithor was an optimistic king. He was stubborn as well. But there was always two side of a coin.

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