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The Unwary Lust


Mohini guided her right hand down on his crotch and cupped his member over his pant. She found it was semi hard “awww someone is excited.. don’t you think its wrong to be aroused for another woman on your reception.” Mohini spoke in a lusty tone while she kept squeezing his semi hard member very tightly, she could feel it growing and getting hard inside her grip. She didn’t look away from his eyes all the time.

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The Whispering Shadows Part 1

#nsfw, #superNatural

Suman was concerned. He couldn't understand why he was having these dreams and the nightfall along with it. He knew dreams are always weird and illogical but having the same dream almost every night is not normal. They consumed his thoughts during the day, and he couldn't discuss them with Chitra for fear of embarrassment. Desperate for answers, Suman decided to confide in his wife. One evening, as they sat on the porch of their new home, he finally broached the subject. "Chitra, there's something I need to tell you," he began hesitantly, his voice quivering.

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The Beckoning Death

#nsfw, #horror, #superNatural

It was around 7 P.M. The Toyota Innova was rushing pretty fast, carrying Pritam and the driver Mihir straight towards the gigantic hill appearing exactly in the front. They were heading toward the village called Lohitang, a village located underfoot on a big hill, full of natural beauty. It's basically a small tourist place.

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Rise of Profligacy

#nsfw, #superNatural, #tribe

Dhruv got off the safari van and looked at the river Mrigaya just in front of him. The river was not more than 100 meters in width. There was an extensive forest covering the earth like a black green sheet. He could see it from the higher ground. The sun already sank below the horizon a while ago, drawing the curtain of semi-darkness. It created a horribly beautiful scenario from his point of view. The view was so fascinating and alluring for an adventurous mind.

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The Risky Enticement

#nsfw, #fiction

Laila's family had only been gone for a few hours and she was already tired. She never worked so hard before. She prepared the food for the animals in their farm, she bathed the goats, collected all the eggs from the chicken coop, collected the bundles of hays in put them in the cowshed. Then She was out in the pasture and checking on the cows, when she noticed one of them behaving strangely. Not very much strangely though. Hopping the fence, she walked in. that cow was gazing like other cows but it was tossing its head very often, like there was any fly bothering it.

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The Covetous Ring

#nsfw, #blackMagic, #fiction, #momSon

Arunima put the bedsheet sighing and looking around her bedroom. It was not perfect, not like her dream bedroom but not bad though. The damp scent of the room was still there. It was an abandoned and unused apartment for a decade or so. Recently the building was renovated and Arunima was the first occupant.

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