Sacrificial Substitution: Glimpse #1

Kabir Singh

September 14, 2023

Age Gap, Interfaith


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As the Range Rover navigated the winding, sharp curves of the hilltop road, Janaki Devi couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement. This journey represented the commencement of their honeymoon retreat, and Rashid hadn't revealed their destination, keeping it a surprise for her. Despite the long journey ahead, they deliberately chose to travel by road. So they could cherish being together, alone, and in complete privacy.

The dusky sky was beginning to lose its fiery glow, making the world around her take on a dreamlike quality. She glanced over at Rashid, her lover - who was at the wheel, his strong hands expertly maneuvering the vehicle. The anticipation of both the destination and the intimate adventure ahead filled the air, making every curve of the road seem like a step closer to their shared dreams.

As Janaki gazed at the mysterious stairs on the distant hill, a sense of wonder and adventure overcame her. She turned to Rashid, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. "Rashid," she said, her voice filled with excitement, "do you see those stairs on the hill? I wonder where they lead. It's such a mysterious sight."

Rashid, ever the practical one, furrowed his brow slightly. "Yeah, that does look interesting," he admitted, his gaze shifting between the hill and the darkening sky. "But we should find a place to spend the night soon. We're in the middle of nowhere, and there might not be another village or town for miles."

Janaki's determination, however, remained unshaken. She kept looking towards the hill. A dark cloud mass gathered directly over the hilltop. Clouds were casting a shadow that seemed to envelop the ancient stairs. A few consecutive lightning bolts lit up the sky above the hill - revealing the silhouette of a building-like structure through the mist.

Janki pointed towards the distant hill, her eyes wide with enthusiasm. "Rashid, look!" She directed towards the hilltop again in excitement.

"It's a sign, Rashid," Janaki whispered, her voice filled with a sense of destiny. "The universe wants us to go there. It's like a page from a storybook, and I don't want to miss this adventure. Please, let's go and explore that place. We can find a place to stay afterward."

Rashid watched the scene unfold, captivated by the mysterious sight - Janaki's unwavering conviction. He couldn't deny the allure of the moment, and a sense of adventure began to stir within him. With a smile, he finally relented, surrendering to the magic of the hill and the woman he loved.

"Alright," he said, his voice softening, "let's go on this adventure together, my love. The universe has spoken, and I can't resist your spirit. We'll find our way afterward, just like we always do."

Hand in hand, they turned the Range Rover towards the hill, their hearts pounding with excitement as they embarked on a journey into the unknown, guided by the signs of the universe and their boundless love for each other.

With determination in their hearts and the distant silhouette of the mysterious structure as their guiding beacon, Janaki and Rashid reached the base of the hill. However, from the road, they couldn't spot the stairs that had drawn them so irresistibly. Undeterred, they found a muddy path leading into the woods and decided to venture deeper, guided only by the faint beam of the Range Rover's headlights.

Soon, they stumbled upon the long-lost stairs leading upwards into the unknown. Janaki and Rashid locked their Range Rover and embarked on the climb, their footsteps echoing in the silence of the night. The air grew colder, and the atmosphere was charged with an otherworldly energy that made their hearts race.

As they ascended, Rashid felt a few drops of rain on his skin, a gentle warning from the heavens. The wind began to whistle through the trees, and the sky kept lighting up with bursts of lightning.

With each step up the ancient stairs - the world grew more ethereal, the rain falling harder and the thunder echoing in the distance. Yet, Janaki's determination remained unshaken, and Rashid couldn't help but admire her spirit.

"Janaki, are you sure about this? It's getting more treacherous." Rashid called out over the wind.

Janaki's voice was resolute. "Shauhar, I believe there's something extraordinary waiting for us up there. I can feel it in my bones. This is our adventure, and I want to embrace it fully."

As they continued their ascent, the ancient stairs seemed to lead to a physical destination - a deeper connection between them. The rain-soaked steps and the flickering lightning only heightened their sense of shared adventure.

Then, as they reached a landing, they saw something unexpected. Beyond the next flight of stairs, the silhouette of the building-like structure they had seen from below beckoned mysteriously. The mist and rain shrouded it, making it appear like a forgotten relic from another time.

Rashid's curiosity grew, and a sense of anticipation filled the air. The couple exchanged glances, their hearts pounding with excitement. They knew that whatever lay at the top of these ancient stairs held the potential for an adventure far beyond their wildest dreams. Eager to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic structure that loomed ahead, their love and their journey intertwined in a captivating blend of destiny and desire.

PS: I've used some metaphors in the post - to play it safe.

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