Strokes of Hope

Deepali Singh

June 6, 2023

Incest, Age Gap


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This plot involves blood taboo. So if you are offended by such concept then please do not indulge to read any further. Strokes of hope

Savitri pulled aside the window curtains and looked outside. Sun had already set and dusk was setting in. She stood at the window for a few minutes before retreating from it and pulling together the curtains again.

Savitri lived in a two-storey house in the outskirts of the city. She was 42 years old, and a musician by profession. She had been divorced for the last 10 years and lived with her only son Sayan, who was aged 19 years. She had always been good looking but never courted any man after her breakup as she wanted to focus on bringing up her son.

I had been all going well for the two of them until tragedy struck. Savitri was in the studio when the news first reached her. Sayan had an accident while riding the pillion of his friend's bike. She had rushed to the hospital fearing the worst and found her son unconscious. The injury to the driver of the bike was not serious but her son had a head injury and had gone into a coma. Since then she had consulted several doctors for the last 5 months but there had not been any change to her son's vegetative state.

Savitri came to the side of the bed and looked at her son. He was lying there, motionless, with his eyes open. He just used to lie like that, not even blink. Savitri's eyes got moistened looking at her son. It seemed as if he was staring at her, even though she knew that he could not see anything. She wiped her own eyes.

Savitri went to the kitchen and finished the cooking. She had to cook only for herself as Sayan was fed through a rice tube. Once she finished cooking she came back to the bedroom where Sayan was lying.

She looked at her son once who had the same blank stare on his face. Savitri's saree was sticking to her sweaty body now and she decided to take a bath. She started to take off her saree. She did not care to undress in the same room as she knew that her son could not see her in his state.Once she took off her saree she started to unbutton her blouse.

It was then that something struck her attention. Did she notice something moving? She looked at her son. He was lying there in the same way, motionless. It must have been her mistake then.

She looked down and opened the last button of her blouse. In her peripheral vision she saw something moving again. She could not be mistaken. But what was it? She looked at her son with wide eyes. No, it could not be. She told herself.

She took off her blouse. She was wearing a white bra inside, which covered her 36d breasts. She looked up and saw it this time. It was her son's manhood which stirred inside his pyjama. Savitri stood frozen for a second. Was it possible? She had lost all hope. Was it possible that her son's senses were responding?

Savitri stood there, waiting for some movement again. But there was none. She reached for the string of her petticoat, loosened it and her petticoat fell to the floor below her feet. She was standing there now just wearing her bra and panty.

There was no mistaking this time. There was a bulge inside Sayan's pyjama. Savitri approached Sayan and pulled his pyjama down with trembling fingers.

Her son had a hard on. A drop of tear rolled down Savitri's cheek. It was tears of joy. She had lost all hope. But now she felt that there was some hope. It was a miracle!

She took her face close to Sayan's eyes. "Can you see mommy, baby? Can you see me?" She kissed his forehead.

Savitri then walked backwards a bit and then moved her hands behind her back to unstrap her bra. As she removed her bra, her bulbous breasts with wide brown areolas and firm nipples got fully exposed. Her breasts have not been touched by any man for over a decade and therefore those have not sagged even though she was past 40.

She looked towards Sayan's groins. His cock had grown even more now and was fully erect and pointing upwards towards the ceiling.

"Oh baby!. I know you can see mommy. I am so happy!" Savitri leaned forward and embraced her son's body. She could feel his body moist with a bit of sweat now.

Savitri's face was beaming with joy. She had renewed hope now when there was none. She looked towards Sayan's manhood again. She knew that her son was aroused but was helpless to do anything about it.

She looked at her son with a pacified face, and then extended her left arm to wrap her fingers around his erect phallus, and started to stroke it gently.

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